Amy’s Notebook 01.24.19


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Adding this cauliflower breakfast hash to my next brunch planned with my girlfriends.

50 conversation starters for younger kids.

Embracing my inner wintrovert– perfectly said and how I’m living my life through this cold season.

How to slice vegetables to make them feel more gourmet. Love these little tips!

This is really an important read.

All the healthy vegetarian eats you can score at ALDI right now. Excited to try out that faux cheese for my pizza!

Just discovered this brand that is perfect for capsule wardrobe shoppers.

I love picking up new hobbies and this list of 10 hobbies you can start for under $50 is awesome.

What a fun sheet pan combo for a weeknight dinner!

I stayed up way too late finishing this book. I have to say, I’ve never read anything quite like it.

Excited to dig into this one next.


How cute are these friendship bracelet cards for Valentine’s Day for tweens?

This was some great closet cleaning inspiration.

This was your top purchase this week! I loved it so much too.

How MLM businesses are hurting friendships.

48 books by women of color to add to your book list this year.

This is what a good book does to your brain.

How delicious does a bowl of this soup look for winter? Count me in!


I have some berries in my freezer that I’d love to put to work in this blueberry muffin recipe.

This is saving me this winter.

I loved reading this update! It was the sweetest.

Healthy swaps for your 3PM slump.

WOWED by this wall hanging craft idea. SO CUTE!

Here are also some healthy meal prep ideas for your breakfasts this month.

6 genius closet storage tips! #goals

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