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These sheets look adorable with a simple addition of trim?

How to build a capsule wardrobe (and not break the bank).

This was such a wonderful reminder about teaching boundaries to your kids.

I love these strategies for reducing your digital clutter.

The weight I carry– so beautiful and honest.

12 ways to style leggings.

I’m not the only one who has caught the decluttering bug.

I couldn’t love this show more (or this character).

For the record, this is the lowest price I’ve seen on these.

I thought a lot about this piece a lot and related to many elements of the burnout myself. It’s a compelling one!

7 tips for eating more plant-forward this year.


This diy patchwork rug is adorable and made from simple carpet samples. So smart!

I always get excited to see Laura’s recommendations for best fiction.

Speaking of books, this is in my stack this week.

I love this list of practical personal finance resolutions.

I want to try this simple gluten-free bread recipe this month.

This was your top purchase this month (and MY favorite Christmas gift). Well played!!

Looking for fresh recipes to meal prep? This post has some really yummy ideas!


I cannot wait to try this Instant Pot Rotisserie Chicken recipe.

7 ways to actually keep those resolutions.

I want to try this dairy-free cheese sauce recipe this month.

Have trouble falling asleep? This is a clever solution.

Now this is a a smart interpretation for this dish.

An effective and totally free way to clean your rugs. So smart!


3-ingredient Trader Joe’s dinner ideas. A few of these are quite genius!

Along those same lines, here are 15 5-ingredient dinner ideas too.

How to wear dresses when it is cold out. I swear by these– you will thank me!

6 podcasts to get hooked on this winter. Sign me up!

These beautiful wedding images made me cry.

9 smart uses for expired food.

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