Amy’s Notebook 01.03.18

DIY Dryer Ballssource

I’ll have to stash bust some yarn with this diy wool dryer balls tutorial.

This new year glow smoothie bowl looks like a great way to start the day- love the matcha powder addition in this one! More of a smoothie in a cup kind of person? This detox smoothie looks amazing too.

I am so inspired by this #40by40 list– maybe I can try a #41by41 instead!

Trying to save more money this year? These are some fantastic strategies for saving 30% of your income in the new year.

Timberlake fans are rejoicing about this news– woot, woot!

I just got this book and can’t wait to dig in today.

Speaking of books, here are the best books we might have missed in 20017.

This egg roll soup recipe looks delicious and a great way to warm up this winter.

Hurry up and offer this service to the Midwest.

Did you end the year with a heavy heart too? I loved these ideas for what to say to someone who didn’t feel like awesome about 2017.

how to wear ankle boots with skinny jeanssource

How to wear ankle boots with skinny jeans– love these ideas for cuffing your jeans.

Are you doing a Whole30 this month? Here are 24 things to do with your friends instead of hitting a bar.

Speaking of diets, here is a sugar-free diet plan to kick off the new year right too.

Looking to join a book club this year? This cookbook club looks like a fun spin on a book club (and would motivate me to cook more!). We also have an incredible book club and reading challenge worksheet to share with you this week!

I’m really curious about bullet journaling in the new year.

Here are ten tips for living minimally long term. Great advice and call to actions!

I always love seeing these favorite reads lists (and she’s giving them away!)

Curious about how to care for your Instant Pot? This guide on deep cleaning it should help!

“I felt like we were making the new Wizard of Oz for another generation.” Are you excited about this film too?

My in-laws gave me my birthday gift early and I have used it almost every day. YOU GUYS- it is a life-changer!

What did you learn this year? I always look forward to this collection at the end of the year.

The most 2017 photos of 2017. Can’t wait to show my hubby these!

Vintage Camper Makeoversource

I’m swooning over this vintage camper makeover, especially those floors (whoa!).

“Waste more time” wasn’t about slacking off. It was about carving out a life that had room for more than just work and striving. For the first time in a long time, I felt truly free… What a great reminder that wasted time isn’t always wasted time.

Here is a list of the most anticipated television shows of 2018! And, here is a great list of the most underrated movies of 2017 to enjoy.

This tuna salad recipe looks like a great lunch or snack to enjoy this month.

What was learned from reading 75 books in 2017. Oh, in case you were wondering, here is her top ten too!

Speaking of 75, here are 75 things that blew our minds in 2017.

How to do more that is meaningful in 2018.

The top ten New Yorker articles from a loyal reader. I can’t wait to sit down and read these this week!

Is one of your goals to embrace a better skin care routine? You might find this article helpful. I swear by this cleanser– it has done wonders for my sensitive skin!

This is such a lovely way to deal with sentimental clutter.

Could you do a year of no shopping? I find this so inspiring!

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