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One of my dearest blogging friends has been working on a course series for women that I have been so excited to share about with you. The course series is called, Adore Your Wardrobe, and it is designed to help women discover their own personal sense of style and find the right clothing for them.  It’s a beautifully shot video e-course series that will walk you through everything you need to know about how to look your best always.

In February, Kelly shared with me the course series and I requested that I have full access to review it. I love her, she’s one of my dearest friends, but I also want to be sure that any program I am vouching for is one that I have done myself.  After going through the series, I can honestly say, this is the PERFECT course if you have always struggled with picking the right clothing for you, if you don’t know how to put outfits together, or if you are unsure what cuts of clothing are right for you.


One of the biggest things that people tell me is that they LOVE my capsule wardrobes, but they don’t know how to do this for themselves. I feel like I have a strong personal sense of style and have learned how to translate that into my capsule, but I know that someone else might have that desire for a slimmed down wardrobe, yet have no clue how to do this for themselves.


I was so excited to share this with you when it originally launched and then my health decided to tank on me.  In spite of everything,  I was determined to head to a conference this week, mainly because Kelly and I were rooming together and I can’t imagine not being with her.  The truth is, not only is she an amazing business woman, but she is an incredibly loyal friend.

When I wasn’t feeling up to doing anything, she would share a pizza in our room and gab instead.

Or ditch a night of dancing and eat a burger with me instead.

Or forfeit a fancy lunch at the Ritz to grab Chinese takeout in our room instead.

Now that I think about it, I might be using food as a form of comfort.

As fashion questions would arise from her series I would ask her stuff (from my bed while shoveling food in my face).

“Hey, Kelly, that whole should I wear white or ivory thing…I’m not sure. Look at me, what do you think is the best white for me?” Or “Kelly, I forgot jewelry for my Rent the Runway dress for tonight, should I have bangs or no bangs? How can I distract people from my lack of styling?” Or “Kelly, I’m a pear, right? Let’s be honest, I am a pear.” She would answer all my questions and give me incredible tips.

Now I know she can’t be everyone’s roommate, but she has a Facebook group that you get to join after you take her course and you can ask those kinds of questions and ask other members anything you need help with. That means you can basically be Kelly’s roommate and ask her all the things that you need to know in a private setting with people who are figuring out all this fashion stuff too. You can post something you want to buy or try on something in a dressing room and get feedback on if it is the right wardrobe piece for you. How awesome is that?

Some of the information that I found most invaluable was how to pick the perfect pair of jeans, what neckline looks best for your body type, discovering which colors work best for you, and recommendations on wardrobe splurges and what to save on. This is about finding the right fit, not promoting a brand or even her own personal style. These are tips you can take with you no matter where you shop! Did I mention she partnered with Nordstrom so you can have someone help you locally right at your very own store? Ah-mazing!

Here’s What’s Included In Adore Your Wardrobe

Adore Your Wardrobe is a “video course” designed to transform the way you think about clothes and put outfits together.

In this 30-day course, you’ll get the following:

  • Dedicated Fashion Strategy For You. Adore Your Wardrobe is not a one-size-fits-all class. We know every person is different. You will use key formulas to create a fashion strategy that works for YOU.
  • 9 Instructional and Informative Videos and Written Lessons. These lessons will reframe the way you think about fashion and how it relates to your own body.
    • Lesson #1: Getting Personal With Measurements
    • Lesson #2: Determining Your Unique Body Type & How To Create Balance and Proportion
    • Lesson #3: Laying The Right Foundation
    • Lesson #4: Jeans – How To Find a Pair You Love
    • Lesson #5: Anatomy of a Shirt – Necklines & Length Matter
    • Lesson #6: 11 Items to Splurge On (And Four To Save On)
    • Lesson #7: Create A Closet You Adore
    • Lesson #8: Rule of Four
    • Lesson #9: Putting It All Together
  • Worksheets and Printable Resources. These worksheets are where the real work happens. The lessons teach you the fashion formulas, the worksheets are where you put them into practice.
  • Access to the PRIVATE Facebook Group. If the videos and worksheets are the course, then the Facebook Group is the lab. Connect with other Adore Your Wardrobe Makeover-ees and share resources, encourage one another, and make new friendships. Plus, have access to fashion coaches to answer your questions.
  • Special Bonus #1: One-Of-A-Kind Wardrobe Planner. Fashion isn’t spontaneous, it’s planned. With the course, you will be given a printable wardrobe planner, so that you can plan your outfits in advance, saving precious time getting ready.
  • Special Bonus #2: Shopping Dos and Don’ts. You’ll receive a cheat sheet full of items that you should buy and others you should stay away from, making sure you never make a “bad purchase” ever again.
  • Special Bonus #3: A Masterclass on Discovering The Right Colors To Wear.Wearing the right color is so important and yet, very few articles have been written about it. You’ll discover the right colors for you, so you always look healthy and vibrant.
  • Special Bonus #4: Facebook LIVE Chats. Got a question? Kelly will have an answer. And she will give it to you in LIVE time.
  • Special Bonus #5: Nordstrom VIP Experience. Nordstrom and Adore Your Wardrobe have an exclusive collaboration that allows students a VIP experience at their local Nordstrom store.

The cost is $69 and that’s it- no additional membership fees. Once you pay, you are a member for life! 

I am happy to answer any questions that you might have about my experience with the program. I, TRULY, only promote things that I really love. If you are wanting to take a capsule wardrobe adventure with me, but need help picking your wardrobe items, this series is for you!

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*I am an affiliate of this program, but only promote things I truly love- promise!

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