8 Fun Sweater Crafts from Goodwill

8 Fun Sweater Crafts from Goodwill

Although those warmer temperatures seem like they are just around the corner, here in Indiana it is still sweater weather season for a while.
Whether you are looking to switch-up your winter wardrobe staple or looking for an easy craft to beat those last-days-of-cold-weather blues, Goodwill has you covered with these fun sweater crafts you can create for a fun pick-me-up!
Sweater crafts are the types of crafts that anyone can do and the possibilities are endless.
I am sharing eight ideas with you, for fun crafts you can try with items from your favorite thrift store!

Make a Cute Cowl

I love to knit up cowls for the cooler months, but I know not everyone loves to knit.
That is why I love this cowl made from a sweater that you can create with just some simple stitches on your sewing machine…no knitting required.
Check out this fun and easy tutorial from Madigan Made.
This would also be a fun one to create with light and Spring-y prints and lacier knits to create a beautiful scarf or cowl for Spring!

Make a Sweater Bag

One of my favorite gifts that I ever got was an adorable sweater bag that my best friend found for me at a boutique.
You don’t need to pay boutique prices though to create a cute sweater bag.
Look for sweater prints in fresh Spring colors and follow this adorable tutorial for by Lana Red Studio to create a cute sweater bag of your own!

Cozy Up a Pot

Indoor plants and terrariums are a fun trend that I am seeing pop up in all of my favorite catalogs like Pottery Barn & West Elm.
Even though I lack a green thumb, I have found myself picking up pretty indoor plants for my home as I await seeing our grass buried under the snow.
Consider visiting your favorite thrift store to find a sweater that matches your home decor to dress up a pot.
Not only would this be a cute addition to your own home, but it would also make an adorable housewarming present!
Check out A Cultivated Nest for this easy tutorial.


Make a Sweet Plushy

Does your child have a favorite sweater that the just can’t bear to part with?
Consider transforming their most-loved clothing item into a sweet plushy that they can sleep with at night.
I love this idea for creating a toy by Leigh Laurel Studios and she even includes a PDF that you can use to create your own toy.
Consider saving this sweet item for your child’s Easter basket this year!
Wouldn’t that be a fun surprise?

Embrace the Fox Trend

Foxes are a fun woodland animal trend that is happening both in clothing and in home decor.
Not only do I have an adorable fox locket from one of my sweet blogging friends, but we also found a beautiful fox print for our home.
Add a nod to this adorable trend by dressing up an old sweater with fox elbow patches.
Check out this fun tutorial from Adventures in Crafting and add a cute fox embellishment to your favorite sweater today!

Make Some Cozy Sweater Boots

It does not matter if it is the dead of winter or the dead of summer, I always have cold feet.
That is why I absolutely love this fun tutorial for creating cozy DIY Slipper Boots from a sweater.
Head to a local thrift shop and find a sweater that offers lots of warmth, but is not itchy against your skin.
Use this sweater as material to create your own slipper boots using this easy tutorial from Drawings Under the Table.

Add a Feminine Detail to a Spring Sweater

When I was a child, my mom always stressed that things should be just as pretty from the front as from behind on our clothing.
You would always find our Easter dresses with an unexpected buttons or a beautiful bow in satin or a contrasting fabric in the back.
As an adult, this philosophy towards clothing still applies and I love beautiful sweaters with feminine backs and details.
Look for a lightweight and delicate Spring sweater and add a satin bow detail using this tutorial from love maegan.

Sew a Sweater Skirt

Last, but not least, consider transforming your sweater into a skirt to dress up your wardrobe as we await the warmer months.
Look for a sweater that you love in a great basic color with cabling and use this easy tutorial from My Poppet to transform that sweater into a new skirt for your wardrobe.
Pairing these with leggings, a short sleeve basic-t-shirt, and a pair of ballet flats, would be absolutely adorable!
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