8 DIY Command Center Ideas

8 DIY Command Center Ideas from MomAdvice.com.


Back-to-school season means back to the daily grind of controlling paperwork, keeping track of schedules, checking homework, figuring out meals, and corralling the backpack clutter in the home.

Thankfully, it is easy to create a DIY Command Center for your family on a budget and even in a small home.

Today I want to showcase eight ideas for command centers that would work in small spaces, or in a larger home, and how you can upcycle some of the supplies for your project.

Let’s get organized!




Transform a Door

One of the most inventive ideas I have seen for a command center comes from Tatertots & Jello.
For families that don’t want to mount anything on their wall, this command center created from a door can be propped up anywhere and I could picture this project even as a command center in the garage.
To create a place for jotting down notes, consider a picture frame that you can transform into a magnetic chalkboard and a basket to gather shoes or for paper storage!

Use a Folding Chair

Not everyone has a large space to create a command center wall.
Check the furniture section of your favorite thrift store for this project and with a little chalkboard paint and a basket, you have a spot to jot down messages and to tuck those small & important items like wallets & keys!

Dedicate an Unused Corner

Unused corners in our home can be the best place to create a small command center.
The best part about a small command center is that it is an easier space to manage and clutter can be tidied up quickly.
This command center from Hi Sugarplum showcases an unused corner that she now has made into the family’s command center.
With a simple basket, a wall-mounted file folder, a small bulletin board, and a charging station, you now have an organized hub for your family.

Use a Cabinet Door

Although Domestic Imperfection actually built this beautiful command center out of wood, a cabinet door from Goodwill or would work perfectly in creating a command center for a small space.
I love that she decoupaged a map of somewhere special on her door to create this command center.
To keep it on budget, stop at the visitor’s bureau to snag maps of the places you visit for a special and personal touch.
Again, this command center is perfect for limited wall space and I love that you can personalize this one to your own needs!

Create a Chalkboard Wall

This chalkboard wall command center, featured in BHG Magazine,¬†illustrates that you don’t need a lot of space to create a command center that functions well for your family.
I love that everything is on one wall and that you can chalk captions on the wall to remind people where their items are and that items can be switched out based upon your family’s needs from year-to-year!




Make It Fun

The Homes I Have Made has the happiest of all happy command centers that I have ever seen.

It makes me so happy that I want to replicate this one for our own house.

She chose an eye-catching color scheme and adds beautiful details to make this a cheery place to organize and drop your belongings.

A handmade bunting brightens the space and the happy pieces of art in her color scheme make this place feel whimiscal and not utilitarian.





Use Open Framing to Organize

One last idea that I love is this command center made with open frames created by Wid Kids.
Picture frames are an easy item to find at thrift stores and garage sales and utilizing just the framing of them creates a unique and open detail to your command center for creating with.
In this case window frames were used, but you could utilize whatever type of frame you can find at your store and replicate this same concept in your own home.
I love that it adds a fun detail to the wall and is open and airy enough to make the space not look cluttered.

Do you have a command center in your home? What do you do to keep your family organized in this space?



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