6 Festive Halloween Decorating Ideas

6 Festive Halloween Decorating Ideas from MomAdvice.com

Halloween is just around the corner and with that season comes all of the fun decorating and costume ideas for your home and family.

Your favorite second-hand store is a top source for materials and costumes for most families.

Don’t forget while putting together your award-winning attire, that you can upcycle a lot of great materials for crafting a festive & spooky home too!

Gathered here are a few of my favorite ideas for decorating for Halloween that I think you will find both fun AND affordable!

Put a Few Skeletons in the Front Yard

I couldn’t stop laughing when I saw this hilarious idea for Halloween decorating from Ruffles & Truffles.
She scored a couple of these skeletons at her local Ross & Target stores and each year has so much fun setting the scene for the Halloween season.
With a couple of second-hand patio chairs, you have a quick and hilarious way to decorate for the season!
This idea is so fun because you could snag just about anything in the store and make it into a funny skeleton tableau.
Since I have a black thumb, I appreciate the exposed skeleton left to linger in the dead flower bed.
How fun is that?

Add Some Spooky Prints

One of my favorite trends right now for Halloween is the addition of a few spooky prints for a tabletop or mantle.
The House That Lars Built shows how easy it is to hunt for a free image to download and to print and get it printed as an engineer print for the mantle.
You could also go small with these prints and make a spooky mantle gathering with a few rummage sale frames spray painted in black.
I love the additions of the black taper candles as a finishing touch to this easy mantle idea!

Make a Candy Corn Treat Bag

I love pillowcases for holding our Halloween treats and I am so inspired by this super cute candy corn treat bag that Rit Dye made on their website.
I am such a big fan of the product for transforming everything from table linens to restoring color in my clothing, but I never thought to create a cute treat bag for my kids with the dye product.
The tutorial could not be easier and the results are picture perfect for a special trick-or-treater in your life!

Add a Witch to Your Fireplace

I feel like a good witch craft is mandatory when it comes to Halloween decorating. With a couple of pool noodles and some shoes purchased from Goodwill, you are well on your way to creating the cutest little witch to peek out of your fireplace.
The skirt was made with a little gathering of tulle and these tights can be found in abundance in the Halloween section of your superstore as well as your local costume shop.
I love that this is something you can do each year and that it can come apart for easy storage!
Visit Crafty in Crosby for the full tutorial on this one!

Mummify a Throw Pillow

I am a big fan of any cute home project that doesn’t require sewing and this mummified pillow is a perfectly cute way to decorate for the Halloween season with just a few simple craft materials.
This idea was inspired by Pottery Barn. Material can be found with the table linens/sheets and you could slipcover a throw pillow from the store to keep this adorable craft on budget!
Visit handmade mood for the tutorial on this super cute pillow!

Decorate Your Kids

All of you out there still getting away with picking your child’s Halloween costumes, I just couldn’t be more jealous.
I just love visiting Goodwill for fun Halloween costumes and prop ideas and this list wouldn’t be complete without one super cute costume idea for you to indulge in.
Skirt As Top has the sweetest little hipster Moonrise Kingdom costume idea I have ever seen.
Please tell me this is a favorite film of yours too!!
With a few fun props from Goodwill to complete this handmade adorableness, your kids are sure to win all the costume awards (and wow other parents in the process).
I will have to be content living vicariously through you this year now that I have a tween and teen on my hands!

I hope you leave this post feeling inspired to tackle a fun Halloween project of your own! Happy Halloween, friends!

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