4th of July Block Party Tips

4th of July is near, so this week I have  put together some tips and ideas for planning neighborhood block party.

When I was a child, each year I looked forward to the annual 4th of July block party.

I remember how exciting it was to be out way past my bedtime, eat loads of fun food and play flashlight tag through the neighborhood streets.

In a day and age where we often don’t even know our neighbors, 4th of July activities like block parties are a great way to create or renew friendships and strengthen your neighborhood’s community spirit.

Throwing a block party doesn’t need to be difficult or elaborate, but you will need a plan and ask some neighbors to help.

See below for my five key block party tips.

Invite the Neighborhood

If you have a neighborhood association or committee, you will have the makings of a great guest list.

If not, go door-to-door to request email addresses and names of the family members.

Go green by emailing invites (this will also save you the cost of stamps).

Ask for a small donation to cover the decorations, food and fun.

Publicize your event by putting up posters throughout the neighborhood and talking about it on your neighborhood’s social media pages if they have them.

Apply for a Permit

As soon as you’ve set the date, call your local police or municipal services department to notify them of your block party and see if you need a permit.

It’s best to make this call several weeks before your event.

You’ll also want to ask about roadblocks to keep the area safe.

Ask if your local police can deliver them the day before your block party to make setup easier.



Keep Decorations Festive & Simple

Decorate food tables with red, white and blue banners, hang tissue paper pom-poms on nearby trees, and fill glass vases or mason jars with red tissue paper and flags.

Make this cupcake pick wreath for your door and add some easy flag bunting!


Organize the Food

To keep the food easy and fair, have homes with odd house numbers bring a main dish and have homes with even house numbers bring side dishes or desserts.

Ask each family to bring their own folding tables, chairs, beverages and tableware.




Plan the Fun

Plan a few fun activities for the younger guests. A bike decorating contest is always a hit and fun for all ages.

Plus, you only have to provide the decorating materials.

Another great activity is a neighborhood scavenger hunt, which families could do together.

You could even offer a few prizes to those who complete the hunt.

4th of July Block Party Menu Suggestions



You will definitely want to make this easy and delicious red, white & blueberry trifle!


Look at these adorable Fourth of July Cut-Outs from Kellog!


Need a super easy no-cook contribution?

This fun flag fruit dessert tray is a perfect potluck dish!



Look at this yummy Patriotic Pesto Pasta Salad!



Want to use your grill for your 4th of July treats? It’s the perfect time of year for grilled corn!


I hope you have a wonderful 4th with your friends & family!


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