100 days of summer: slime making, blueberry picking, donut eating

Summer might be coming to a close, but the fun hasn’t ended over here. We have spent the day at the lake, made a million s’mores, baked donuts galore, hit the sprinkler park, basked in the sun at the pool, got ice cream cones, went to the dollar movie, had a meal at the old root beer stand,  and celebrated a birthday.  It has been a glorious summer for all of us and I think that is why we are so bummed to get back to our old routines. Summer has just been way too fun this year.

One rainy day we decided to tackle some slime making for a fun science project. We used this technique from the idea room for making our slime, but did omit the glow-in-the-dark factor because I didn’t have time to hit the craft store for that ingredient for the slime. The kids loved this project and they loved playing with their slime creations.

I would highly recommend this activity for your kids and for you. I couldn’t stop touching the slime myself and kept pulling it back out just to poke at it some more.

We spent one evening together picking blueberries for blueberry baking and eating at home. This was the first year we went as a family and picked our berries at dusk. The weather was perfect and with three other helpers, we managed to pick over six pounds of delicious berries in about a half hour’s time.

There was much donut eating going on in our house this summer.  If I wonder why I can’t button my shorts anymore after this summer, I can point to this as half of my problem.

We delivered donuts to the neighbors and shared many with our friends this summer. Everyone has a favorite, but this was the summer of delicious baked blueberry donuts in the Clark house.

We gave the ice cream maker a break this weekend and opted for $.59 cones over at McDonald’s for the kids and one giant Diet Coke for me.  We hit our dollar movie and the boys watched Kung Fu Panda 2, while the girls caught the Judy Moody movie. Emily leaned over to me before the movie started and said, “Do you smell that horrible smell? I think it is those boys. I think I can smell them from here. P.U.,” and held her nose. Let’s hope she finds boys this revolting for awhile!

Movie discussions and critiques were held at McDonald’s after our afternoon of fun. Cones for everyone and a fabulous flick for less than $10 for our family of four.  You gotta love that deal!

I hope you all are having a happy summer too and I can’t wait to hear what you are up to!


Stumped for ideas this summer? Have no fear! I have you covered this year with our 100 Days of Summer Pinterest Board.  There are 100 ideas for crafting, eating, and creating with your children of all ages.  We promise to keep it carefree on Tuesdays and share what we tackle through our mobile uploads and you can even follow our adventures in real time through Instagram or on Twitter(my name is momadvice).

Our family is on the move and we want you to be on the move too.

Do something cool together this week.

Your kids will love you for it.

What did you tackle this week from your summer list?

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