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Small-Budget Crushes 10.24.17

come as you are welcome mat

come as you are welcome mat

monogram key chain initial key chain

ruched long sleeve dress ruched long sleeve dress (several colors!!)

cascade ruffled cardigan ruffled cardi (take an extra 20% off with coupon code ALLGOOD)

this is how i roll tee this is how i roll tee

moto leggings moto leggings

now playing record display now playing record display

velvet swing dress velvet swing dress (several colors)

plaid flannel sherpa throw plaid flannel sherpa throw (on sale!!)

off-the-shoulder sweatshirt off the shoulder sweatshirt

cacti stitch markers cacti stitch markers

classic leather shoes classic leather shoes (on sale & extra 20% off with coupon code HAPPYFALL)

car coat sweater car coat sweater

friends tee friends tee (25% off!!)

tacos or wine cover charge welcome mat

double zip booties double zip booties

kimono wrap cardigan kimono wrap cardi (all sweaters on sale!!)

staggered vase staggered vase

ruffled sweatshirt ruffled sweatshirt (several colors)

rose gold light box rose gold light box- $24!!

striped turtleneck striped turtleneck

high-low skirt high-low skirt

not tonight pillow not tonight pillow

crossbody handbag crossbody handbag

dakota poncho dakota poncho

passport holder custom passport holder

workout top barre workout top

coffee earrings coffee earrings

adjustable ipad holder adjustable tech holder

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Amy Clark

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