Small-Budget Crushes 01.04.18

new year, new you!! get it, girl!

wooden keyboard rack

faux fur scarf

floral pressure cooker wrap

wire storage baskets (take extra 10% off with coupon code HOME)

reusable bowl covers

happiness planner

1-ply paperless paper towels

teddy coat

jute yoga mat

criss cross sweatshirt

reusable grocery bags

hot yoga mug

cork yoga mat

soma water bottle

rainbow hopscotch rug

five minute by intelligent change journal

sweater knit joggers

happy mail greeting card organizer

six cube organizers (take an extra 10% off with coupon code HOME)

facial rounds

racerback performance tanks (several gorgeous hues!)

prepd pack

bodyboss foldable gym

cotton tote grocery bags

patterned cushion covers

wall entry hook

weekly eats planner

Keep on window shopping by visiting all of my Small-Budget Crushes. This post contains affiliate links!! xoxoxo

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