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Amy’s Notebook 08.16.18

Scarf Styling Tips source

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5 tips for nailing this year’s scarf trends.

This self-care bucket list is something a girl can get behind!

Speaking of self-care, here are 30 things you should do for yourself.

The biggest question producers ask themselves while making a true crime podcast.

Can a girl have too many pairs of these? I think not.

7 romantic reads that you won’t be embarrassed to admit reading.

Also, 16 books you need to know about this week. Noted!

Want to learn more about ethical fashion choices? I found this post to be really helpful.

Nut Butter Tutorial source

Who knew making your own nut butter was so easy? I can’t wait to try this with our food processor!

Why do we hate people who try so hard?

I needed to read this- you don’t owe ANYONE an INTERACTION. Can I put this on a sign by my desk?

The kiddos head to school this week and I have plans with this book.

15 chicken recipes you can add to your menu plan!

These are some great tips on how to have better family meals.

Macrame Feathers source

I can’t get over how beautiful these diy macrame feathers are. This is definitely on my craft bucket list now.

Looking to expand your podcast listening? This list might help!

6 tips for drinking responsibly and keeping your liver happy. A good read after all those summer cocktails!

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