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Amy’s Notebook 07.12.18

Table Makeover With Removable Wallpaper source

I would have never thought to use removable wallpaper to glam up an old table. I’m so inspired!

No more fake cheese or fake friends. YES!

Overwhelmed with the news and headlines? Read this advice!

I love reading about how people have embraced their small space.

This is a summer reading list for the whole family. I can’t wait to check a few of these books out.

Speaking of books, I’m reading (and loving) this book this week.

This is hilarious.

This makes me so happy.

Did someone say happy? Read this article and get happier.

How to treat cracked heels. Yeah…I need to spend some time on this.

Cherry Tomato Summer Pasta source

Have an abundance of cherry tomatoes in your garden? This pasta recipe looks like a great way to put them to work in the kitchen!

I’ll be brief about the Nordstrom sale: these would be a great staple, if you need a weather-resistant jacket, I like the flattering cut on this, can’t believe the price on these, and this is a capsule wardrobe must-have.

How to diy all those jean trends we are seeing this season.

5 ways to get energized if you didn’t get enough sleep. Using these tips this morning- zzzz!

Speaking of sleep, I’m going to give some of these relaxing evening routines a spin. I’m in a bad check-your-phone-before-bed habit.

Confused about IGTV? I found this really helpful.

When brands use plus-size women in their ads, but actually don’t carry plus-size clothing. Getting all the brownie points without the work.

I love this advice on ways to really simplify your life.

Trying to read more nonfiction? This list might be just the ticket.

“Seeing your needs is the first step. Understanding your needs is the second.” A beautiful reminder on the importance of self-care as mothers.

DIY tee bags source

Turn old tees into tote bags with this tutorial. This would be a fun craft for tweens!

Trying to beat the heat? Try this life hack.

How to pray (even when you’re mad at God).

I take this little speaker everywhere while we have traveled this summer.

My fiddle leaf fig is still humming along, but I’m curious about this method for getting it to really take off.

This book is in my earbuds and it is hot, hot, hot!

Speaking of audiobooks, check out this deal!!

It’s wild how much exterior paint can completely change a home.

20 Keto recipes you can make-ahead!

This was my reaction too.

This week’s album I’m enjoying:

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