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Amy’s Notebook 04.26.18

orange chicken broccoli rice bowls source

I would love to switch up my lunch bowl game with this orange chicken and broccoli rice bowl recipe.

Did drinking give me cancer? This was a really compelling piece.

This two-ingredient recipe upgrades any salad– yum!

Finally, a home tour one might be able to relate to. I love the way cat vomit adds to the rug’s texture!

Bookmarking this list of the best new books to check out for Spring.

This made me giggle– can you even imagine?

Has anyone else been working through a slump? I thought this post had some great ideas to get through it!

Here are some great tips for ditching the PMS naturally.

Paint-Poured Marble Clock source

I am wowed by this paint-poured marble clock. What a fun craft project to try!

Paint-pouring seems to be very on-trend in the craft community. Check out these gorgeous dollar store chargers for another project idea.

I love this time-tracking experiment.

After reading a pile of books with heavy topics, I’m wrapping up this fun & smutty read (and loving it).

This news must be very bittersweet for many families. McNamara’s book was incredibly compelling, if you want to learn more.

A friend sent me this awesome piece- “high maintenance” things people do when they have a chronic illness.

I love this new dad-calling option.

Was anyone else a big fan of these books when they were a kid? I’m curious how this will play out on the big screen.

rugs source

I love this smart tip for adding texture to your home that won’t break the bank.

Loving the look of shiplap walls? Here is a tutorial to do a wall in under two hours.

Thinking about switching to a natural deodorant? Check out this post and comments.

This would definitely spice up our taco nights.

How the Pulitzers chose Kendrick Lamar. Quite fascinating!

Speaking of that, here are this year’s prize winners.

If you are a fan of this board game, this should bring all the LOL’s!

I can’t wait to try this two minute creamy avocado dip recipe.

This week’s listen is my workout playlist for your next leg day!  Cheers!

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