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Amy’s Notebook 03.01.17

Ballard Mirror Design DIY

source: the lettered cottage

I really love this window pane mirror tutorial made from inexpensive Walmart mirrors.  I would have never thought to piece these together!

How have I never thought to do this with my food processor? I hate cleaning the parts! Noted.

I’m dying laughing that this was your top purchase last month! I have the coolest readers!

Here is a list of the best podcasts for every situation.

If the lunchbox is getting a little boring, these lunchbox ideas might help!

34 books by women of color to read this year.

The 40 bags in 40 days challenge begins again. I love this one and how much it reclaimed our home the last time I did it! We basically scored this bonus room!

I’ve got a crush on these joggers. It’s all about comfort for this mama this year.

Gosh, can you imagine how much adulting school could help our kids? Seriously.

This slow cooker tater tot casserole is going on my weekend guilty pleasure food agenda.

Spring Getaway Trip Packing List 8 Pieces 8 Outfits

source: putting me together

How inspiring is this mini spring capsule? So cute!

Up your cauliflower game with this mashed cauliflower dish.

I read this thriller last week and I’m still like, WHOA, at that ending. What did you think?  Catch the author on our site on Sunday to talk about it!

This is a great roundup of the best in fiction for spring.

I didn’t think popcorn could get better, but honey brown butter popcorn sounds pretty amazing!

10-minute Spring Pillow Covers

10-minute spring pillow covers are so cute and affordable. I’m planning to crank out a no-sew version over here!

10 no-heat no-cook meals for the menu planner!

This is such a sweet children’s book– it would be a great Easter basket addition! Congrats, Matt!!

“Americans continue to view service work as a way station, not a way of life. Teenagers get their first job at McDonald’s; mothers dip back into the work force as receptionists; seniors make a little extra money as Walmart greeters. The reality is that these are the kinds of jobs millions of Americans hold for their entire working lives. And increasingly, these are the jobs their children will perform, too.”- A fascinating read on the new working class.

I’m adding this sheet pan meal to our meal plan for next week. Yum!

I don’t have an Amazon Echo, but these Amazon Echo hacks are pretty darn cool for those of you that do!

I want to try out some of these hummus combinations for my veggie dipping.

Comment of the Week“A friend of mine wanted to get a group together to take items to the homeless community as her birthday celebration. She felt blessed and wanted to bless others. We pooled money and solicited donations from several companies. It was quite a learning experience. First off, we were threatened with arrest by the police at multiple stops. Even though it was not specifically against the law to give food to the homeless, local businesses did not want us doing this. They said they could find something to take us in on (disturbing the peace, public nuisance, etc) if we did not comply. So, we were constantly moving trying to find areas that the homeless congregated in. Second, the food was welcomed but what they really wanted was the toiletries: socks, underwear and hygiene items specifically. We had brought a large amount of toiletry items but should have brought more of that than food. They have resources to food more than the hygiene items. Third, women’s toiletry items specifically are in great demand. Finally, we had regular bottles of shampoo and regular sized soaps. They would actually take these out of the bag because they were too heavy. We ordered cases of the small soaps and shampoos from a wholesale hotel supply website. The cases contain several hundred items and were only about $50 per case. We took a second trip out with our smaller toiletries and they were a big hit. I now keep a box with several ziplock baggies in my van now with an array of sizes and gender marked on each one. It also has packs of crackers/trail mix I bought by the case as well. When I see a homeless person as I am going about my day now, I offer one of the packs to them.”- Curtis

Thank you so much for sharing your experience with giving to those in need in your community, Curtis. Our homeless care package article is one of our most visited and most pinned offerings on MomAdvice.  That really makes my heart happy!

This year I started volunteering weekly at our food pantry and my kids are excited to join me this summer to help. I love organizing so sorting items makes me feel good because it is something I love to do and I love knowing how this helps those in need in our community. Women’s care items are one of those things, I have discovered, that are not covered by food stamps and are such a basic need. I started a gift registry for my pantry so I can share these gifts with them, should you feel so inclined to share!

We also still travel around with items for those in need in our car. My son has become the designated giver and when we pull up, he shares our love tokens from money to socks to care packages like the ones we shared with you on the site. I’m hoping to raise two generous kids who see how these small offerings impact others!

How do you teach your kids the joy in giving?

I hope you enjoyed our notebook, a collection of gathered links to DIY crafts, food projects, thrifty ways to spruce up your home, and thoughtful reads. Nothing brings me more joy than to highlight other fabulous bloggers. Follow me on Pinterest for daily inspiration! Please note, there are affiliate links that do help support our site- thank you! xoxo

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