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Amy’s Notebook 01.17.17

Kimchi Fried Rice source

This kimchi fried rice looks like a fun way to spice up a tired lunch routine.

The blow dry mistakes you might be making (and how to fix them).

This diy waterfall countertop made from $90 in supplies is a genius idea for your laundry room.

4 things you need to know about digital detox.

These blankets look perfect for these chilly days.

Wow, I learned so much from this interview with the bra whisperer.

How adorable is this vision board party! This looks like the perfect day with girlfriends.

Working on productivity? Here are 12 productivity books from 2017 to get you started on changing your mindset.

Be sure to say what you mean to say. A good reminder!

I donated my birthday this year on Facebook– it is such a fun way to give back to the organizations we care most about!

This financial advice is so, so good that I may have read it twice.

Observations from being a selfish mom for a week.

Ohhh, this beef stroganoff soup looks like a pressure cooker winner.

This technique for perfectly cooked chicken breasts is going to be tested in our house. Dealing with frozen chicken? I use this strategy weekly.

I’m all over this ramen recipe.

Do you have enough white space in your daily routines? I want to work on a well-designed day.

This might be a little *too* extra– hahaha!

organized pantry source

New strategies for home organization– I would have never thought to divide pantry shelves by meals- so smart!

This post also offers some smart and affordable pantry storage solutions.

Excited to dig into this book this week!

This has some great advice if you are parenting and in the creative industry.

I may have laughed until I cried when I saw these.

Not getting good sleep? This article might provide an answer for you about what’s going on.

This really moved me. I’m not ashamed to say it made me cry and acknowledge my own struggles with this role.

Since I’m crying, let’s just ugly cry about this.

While we are ugly crying together (right?!?), this display of compassion really moved me too. Could you do it?

DIY Clay Barrettes source

How cute are these DIY Clay Barrettes? This would be a fun craft to do with my girl!

I bought a houseplant (you can peek at her over here), and am loving seeing the plant trends for the upcoming year.

These dusting hacks are awesome for tidying up your home.

This idea for anti-resolutions is such a fun way to celebrate accomplishments instead of focusing on what you didn’t do.

Had no clue you can make your own vegetarian meat for recipes. I’m going to have to try this!

This detox chicken soup looks like a great way to get your diet back on track after a trip.

Some language in this, but this response to someone who wants to find out how to overcome their laziness is just everything.

I love oatmeal in the morning so I’ll have to try this oatmeal technique. Looking for a bigger batch? I LOVE this recipe!

How to nail a crispy chickpeas snack– love the spice ideas too.

Welcome to the age of abundance.

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