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Celebrating Financial Milestones as a Family

Tuesday, September 16th, 2008

This morning on WSBT, I discuss some ways that you can celebrate your financial milestones as a family. This topic is near and dear to my heart because I think it is so important to teach and share your financial victories and shortcomings in ways that your children can understand.

Here are two of our links to our past celebrations:

Debt-Free Party
Cars Party

We are now working on paying off our student loan debt so we can achieve our American Dream. I hope that all of this will inspire other families to start their own celebrations with their children!


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Last week, I provided a list of 35 Ways to Save on Your Grocery Budget that I hope will be really helpful for families. I want to add a #36 though that I know would make your day… how about free toilet paper and paper towels for an entire year from Scott’s? Head over right now and put in your entry at The MotherLoot today. Please do not enter here, only entries over here will qualify. The contest is open until Tuesday night and then I will draw our winner!

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Good luck, everyone!

Finding Deals on Eye & Vision Care

Wednesday, September 10th, 2008

Piggybacking on our discussion on going without vision and dental coverage, I got the opportunity to share with WSBT some ways that families can save on their eye coverage. I researched contact lense prices, discount programs that you can take advantage of, and where you can score an inexpensive eye exam.

Our family is currently going without optical and dental insurance and my daughter managed to break my only pair of glasses. I was overdue for an eye exam and was on my last pair of contact lenses. I drove around from place to place in town and decided that Sam’s Club would be the best place for me. The selection fit my needs, the eye exam was inexpensive ($35 for my son, $55 for myself for contact & glasses fittings) and they had designer frames for between $65-90.

Although there are cheaper places on the internet to buy glasses, I really wanted to be able to try my glasses on and get them properly fitted to my face. There is something to be said for feeling confident in what you are wearing and if I would have bought them online, they would have not fit me as well.

I am planning to put this information into an article for reference on our site. Thank you all for your feedback please feel free to discuss where you have found the best deals on optical care!

Getting Crafty With Your Kids & Big News

Friday, August 29th, 2008

This week on WSBT, I shared my crafty ideas for things you can make with your kids from common items out of your pantry. I had tons of props prepared after doing the Michiana Family Expo (sponsored by Michiana Family Magazine). We spent twelve hours at the mall showing parents some fun crafts to do with their kids and I reused these same props for this segment. For those of you who weren’t able to make it out to see us, I hope this will provide a great substitution.

To go along with this fun discussion, please visit our latest article, “Being a Crafty Parent… When You Just Aren’t.” As a parent who struggles with being crafty and fun, I hope that I can help provide inspiration for you to get crafting with your children. This article contains a few easy recipes that will help get you started on a fun crafting adventure with your kids. Be sure to check our resource list for our top recommendations for craft books and hit your local library.

I have two new articles up on the Kenmore website that I think you guys will really love. The first article is, “Help Kids Earn & Learn.” This article focuses on teaching your children how to start a small business or helping them earn money by simply helping you around the house. I worked really hard on it so I hope you enjoy it!

The second article is, “Plan the Perfect Summer Getaway.” I meant to highlight this sooner, but had forgotten to. I hope you can bookmark it for planning your next vacation and we share some of our favorite family trips & trips for organized and thrifty traveling.


Next week is going to be a fun week on our blog because I am going to be be doing an entire Play It Again, Momma week! I am going to highlight some of my favorite entries on here for the week so please join me! I will still be running a giveaway on Tuesday and our Freebie Friday, but everything else will be taking a week off so I can spend some time with my family. If you decide to do a Notebook Experiment, just hold it tight for a week or give yourself two weeks to complete it.

I have never taken a vacation from my blog so this will be a new one for me. I need some time to rejuvenate and refresh so I can bring some new ideas to the table. In the meantime, you can read all of the stuff that I am most proud of so I hope it will be a good compromise!

I will also be busy working on helping with the Eleven Moms gig and have added a new role to my list- Editor of Blissfully Domestic. I have taken over the Family Channel and I have twenty-five amazing writers that I will be working with. Basically, I am not sleeping and that is why I need a week to sleep.

We have two amazing giveaways this week that you can enter- but do not leave your comments here. Head to the provided contest links to leave your entry!

We are giving away a $50 Visa gift card to a lucky MomAdvice reader to relax, recharge, and rejuvente however you choose, be it a spa trip, yoga classes, or some retail therapy. To enter, simply leave your favorite household tip by September 2nd (Tuesday) at 8PM EST. Sorry- only US residents are eligible for this contest. Contest Details

Cetaphil is offering one lucky winner one of every single product from their product line! That is a huge box of loot, people! To enter, let us know one way you save money on your beauty care needs. We love frugal tips so I can wait to see what you come up with! Comments must be left by September 2nd (Tuesday) at 8 PM (EST). Contest Details

CVS Shopping or Getting Stuff for Free

Wednesday, August 20th, 2008

Yesterday I headed over to WSBT and shared my experience with CVS shopping. I have been working on this for the past three weeks, trying to gather all that I could to show how great CVS is for families and how much you can save with very little effort.

We talked a little bit about charitable giving, so I did want to provide these links for the charitable giving challenges! This is a fun and easy way to give back within your communities.

BeCentsable Charity Challenge
Coupon Cravings Charity Challenge

I hope that everyone can understand how it all works- it is difficult when you have a two minute time limit for discussing an easy (but complex) shopping process!

I also have posted my deals for the week! Enjoy!

WSBT-TV: Online Family Planners

Tuesday, August 5th, 2008

This morning was a tad more exciting than I had planned for it to be. Our power went out about 2 AM and I had to set an alarm on my phone to get up by 5:30 AM to head over to tape today’s segment. We still did not have power when I woke up and I did my best to get ready by candlelight and then put together a bag to take over and get ready in the bathroom before taping the segment. I managed to make it in though and share about some really great online family planning tools.

Be sure to read my entry on picking an online family planner and to get the scoop on all the great features. These are some really great tools to help busy moms stay organized…and did I mention that they are free? You can’t beat it!

You can find my WSBT segment here. Please excuse the hair and makeup for the day! I am just happy I found some matching clothes!

Healthy Eating, Summer Slacking, Simple Living, & Live Appearances

Wednesday, July 16th, 2008

Did I catch your attention?

This week on WSBT, I got to sit down and really talk about how to eat healthy on a budget. Since I went to school for nutrition, this is an important topic for me and one that I really enjoy sharing about. I hope that you can catch this segment! You can find me on our local news each Tuesday sharing money-saving tips for moms!

On Frugal Hacks, I share with you my disappointing cleaning habits for the summer. I am wondering if other moms struggle during the summer and what ways you have found to keep you on track. Please join me there for a fun discussion!

This month in our local Michiana Family Magazine, I am sharing how simple writings bring simple pleasures. This is a more personal piece for me and I was excited to share it with families in Michiana.

If you live in the Michiana area and have time, please come to the Michiana Family Expo, sponsored by the Michiana Family Magazine, and stop by to say hi. I will have a booth there and will be demonstrating some fun kid’s crafts and meeting as many people as I can personally. I will be there on August 9th from 10 AM to 9 PM. I hope to meet those of you who have been so supportive of my work and our family. It has been so great to live in a community like this and I would love to thank each of you personally for spreading the word about our site.

Last thing, if anyone is attending the ad tech conference in Chicago, I am honored to be included on a panel on August 6th from 2:15-3:15 about my experience as a mommy blogger. I will be sitting on the panel with CEO Kate Thorp, of Real Girls Media, whom I have had the great honor of being a part of their Advisory Board. I am very excited about this opportunity and can’t wait to share what a wonderful experience blogging has been for me.

WSBT-TV: Getting Fit on a Budget

Tuesday, July 8th, 2008

Today on WSBT, I discuss some ways to get fit without losing your gym shorts… so to speak! I am trying to get myself back in shape and here are a few links to help with motivation and savings:

Exercise & You

Working Out on a Budget

Creative Gym Membership Alternatives

Kathy Kaehler Interview

Frugal Exercise Solutions

Going Without Prescription Coverage: A Self Discovery


I hit the gym this morning and the owner stopped me to tell me he had seen me on the news. He suggested I do a segment on exercising and I told him that I had just taped one. “Did you mention our gym?” I smiled and said, “No, but I did tell them to call around to gyms and see if you can get a free membership for babysitting.”

I am thinking that wasn’t the answer he was looking for, but I made a beeline to the gym equipment and had to smile a little bit! Just trying to do my part for the moms of the world who can’t afford those expensive gym memberships!

Do you have a new workout DVD recommendation or a new workout that you are really loving? Please leave a comment here and let me know!!

Frugal Hacks & WSBT: Summer Fun & Steamy Confessions

Tuesday, June 24th, 2008

Today on Frugal Hacks you can read my sordid confession on returning to the world of television. Here’s hoping that you will still visit the site when you find out what I have done.

Today our summer activity list makes the cut for WSBT on our segment on, “Fun Summer Activities.” Hat tip to Whatever again for this fabulous idea! You can get a closer look at what we have planned this summer and the frugal family ideas we came up with.

WSBT-TV: Cheap Summer Day Trips

Tuesday, May 6th, 2008

On WSBT, this morning, we discussed ideas for cheap summer day trips. This is about the only way we do family trips anymore and I share my tips for getting the most bang for your buck.

Sound Off: Do you have any family day trips planned this summer? Where are some of your favorite places to visit?

How to Save Money at the Grocery Store

Monday, May 5th, 2008

Normally, I am privileged to be included on the morning news for WSBT, but this time I made it to the evening news hour. WSBT is doing a Money Saving Mondays segment each Monday for the month of May and asked my thoughts on the rising grocery prices. This segment has lots of great tips and they compare the prices on the basics- bread, eggs, and milk in our area. Is it any surprise that good old Aldi made the cut?

I hope you can check it out and I thank Darla and the WSBT station for including me in this piece!

Sound Off: How are you dealing with the higher grocery prices? What is the biggest struggle for your family right now?