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Summer Dinner Inspiration: Roasted Shrimp Pasta, Cinnamon Whole Wheat Waffles, & Grilled Chicken Tenders

Monday, June 25th, 2012

Looking for summer dinner inspiration? Look no further than these Monday posts for dinners that will inspire your kitchen table. This summer I am taking a few mobile pictures to help inspire your summer meals. I will try to share three great dishes to enjoy each week around the dinner table. 

We went on vacation last week so the dishes I am sharing all had to be easy and be able to be prepared with limited pots & pans to create them. The first dish that I created was to kick off our vacation and it is this Roasted Shrimp With Rosemary & Thyme. I served it over a platter of angel hair pasta and we did our favorite lemon roasted green beans for a side dish.

If you haven’t tried this roasted shrimp before, I cannot recommend it enough. These are great served over your favorite pasta, can be served with a great brown rice side, or served alone with your favorite summer veggies. I make this almost every week and it never disappoints!

One of our favorite summertime dishes is these Cracker Barrel Chicken Fingers. I served these with these roasted fingerling potatoes, roasted asparagus, and fresh strawberries from a cute little market in the town.

The tenders were particularly yummy since I created the marinade before we left for our trip and had the chicken marinating for a couple of days before we actually ate them. I also love that the marinade only has three ingredients, making it an easy marinade to pull together!

I have become a huge fan of those disposable containers for marinating foods because they are so easy to transport out to our grill and are easy to stack, especially if you are headed out for a picnic. It may also be because I have had  a few too many leaky bags in my fridge so I find these to be a great option for me!

I love to stick these, marinade and all, in the freezer and prep a few different marinades in one afternoon. Most marinades have similar base ingredients (dressings, olive oil, vinegars, salt, pepper, seasonings, Worcestershire sauce, etc..) and it is so much easier to do this all at once rather than getting them out each time. What a time saver!

I had berries leftover from our meal the night before and decided to dice them with blueberries to top our Cinnamon Wheat Waffles that we devoured for our brunch. I make a double batch of these almost every week and my son loves to eat the leftover frozen waffles for his breakfast each morning. I love that these are packed with whole wheat flour, wheat germ, no sugar, and very little fat in them. It is a great way to start a day and a fun summer brunch.

What is on your summer dinner menus this week?

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Summer Dinner Inspiration

Monday, June 18th, 2012

I love planning summer meals because they are so easy to execute. I am hoping to provide a few ideas for summer dinner inspiration from recipes we have available on our site. I believe though that if you have a grill and you have a slow cooker, you have all the tools you need in the world to get a great dinner on the table without a lot of effort in the summertime.

This summer I am taking a few mobile pictures to help inspire your summer meals. I will try to share three great dishes to enjoy each week around the dinner table. 

I love a good Sunday dinner and one of our family’s favorite dishes is roast chicken. There are a million ways to roast a chicken, but absolute favorite is this Roast Chicken Cooked in Milk. Once I found this recipe, I have never cooked my chicken any other way. It is a fun flavor combination of sage, cinnamon, lemon, and milk. The sauce is heavenly. I served this with crusty bread with dipping sauce (pesto with a generous drizzle of olive oil) and roasted fingerling potatoes.

The potatoes were cooked at 375 for 45 minutes. They were tossed with olive oil, rosemary, thyme, and kosher salt. These were golden and crunchy. We dipped those in our pesto dipping sauce too.

There is pasta and there is summertime pasta. My Rotini with Turkey Meatballs is one of those deliciously light dishes that you just can’t stop eating. If you have cherry tomatoes and herbs in your garden, you have the makings for a really great sauce for this dish. We served it with the leftover bread from our meal and my favorite roasted green beans. To drink, I have become addicted to Tazo Passion Fruit Tea. I mixed this with some lemonade and it was so delicious and refreshing.

Breakfast for dinner is always a hit around our house. Thanks to using the Cooks Illustrated guide to freezing my blueberries last summer, I still enjoying the last of our fabulous blueberries for our dishes.

Nothing screams summer to me more than a pile of these blueberry pancakes. If you have some blueberries on hand in your house, I highly recommend visiting my list of eight great recipes to try with your blueberries this year.




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