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Amy’s Notebook 05.03.17

Wednesday, May 3rd, 2017

Breakfast Meal Prep

source: damn delicious

I love this strategy for tackling breakfast meal prep so you can eat a good breakfast.

Professional organizers share their tips on how to keep order in spaces under 500 feet. I had never heard of the 3-4-3 rule!

I’ve been all wrapped up in this book this week. REALLY different than anything I’ve read.

I must try this make-ahead risotto trick when we have company for a meal!

How yelling can hurt and how to stop it- I can always use pointers like this!

Girl friendships have a lot of dynamics- loved the reminder that our kids are taking in our behaviors in our friendships too.

Truly awesome kitchen hacks- can’t wait to try a few of these out.

Gallery Wall

source: claire body designs

This gallery wall NAILED IT!

7 habits that will prepare your body for sleep- I am definitely working on this one!

I’ve always been curious about eyelash extensions. Unfortunately, I have poor follow through on good beauty habits!

Has anyone ever tried these? I’m terrible about cleaning my grill- ha!

Sheet Pan Chicken

source: simply recipes

This sheet pan meal looks perfect for a Spring feast!

This was your top purchase this week (and this girl just got a shipping notification that mine is in route- yay!)

What a fascinating piece on this show. I’m only in the second episode- are you guys watching?

I don’t use a bullet journal, but I love seeing how people do use these.

This 31-day career detox looks like a really good way to get my business back on track.

Comments of the Week:

Whoa. You have overwhelmed me with love and I couldn’t be more grateful after I shared a little about what life is REALLY like over here. I’m going to try to respond to each comment, but there were some gems in there, particularly if you also struggle with balancing your health & family. I also want to thank you for your compassion and encouragement to not be afraid to share this stuff with you. I struggle with creating the right balance here and it helps to know that you would rather see this side than the fakely polished one.

“I have lived with muscular dystrophy for the last 25 years. Some days are better than others. Fill the margins of your day with what works best for you…don’t try to fill them with ‘busyness’. Although you might feel briefly accomplished for the clean house, great meal, scratched off to do list, you may ultimately pay for it later. As I’ve grown older I’ve tried to embrace the nooks and crannies of my days instead of filling them up. Good luck to you!”- Lisa

“One of the things I so appreciate about your blog is that you ARE honest and open about your physical struggles. I think we as readers tend to only see bloggers as two dimensional–we only know what you tell us (unless you are ultra famous and the media gets involved) and since many bloggers only tell the good stuff (or only talk about cooking or whatever), then your lives look a little perfect from this end. Which, of course, they never are, but we can’t tell. So you, being honest with us, lets us in a tiny bit on the realities, and I want to say thank you for that. We ALL have something–a chronic condition, a special needs child, an addiction, depression, etc. All of us. And the more honest we are, the better off we all are, because help and healing are found in community. So, Thank you. Sincerely!”- Tina

“Oh Amy I totally understand since I live with chronic illness as well. I really like how you explained this and realized that before this I was very black and white as well. Now I can see I’ve shifted more to the gray side of life and you know what? It’s okay, in fact it’s so much better. Learning to be flexible and embracing the Plan B has been huge as well. I also work in the cracks…15 minutes up and then 30 minutes resting. I’m always amazed at what can be done when I focus hard for that short period of time. If there is anything I can do please let me know. So sorry you’ve been feeling crummy :(“- Laura

“Vulnerability is proof we are human and are a part of this race, that says my body doesn’t work sometimes, my heart is lagging but I can find the help, encouragement and love if I open my heart, I think in doing so, that lets our spirits soar. I know it’s not easy but it’s possible and we must rest, heal and then press on, as women. I love the song ” I lived” by One Republic. It says it all. Praying for you!”- Monica

“Thanks so much for being honest. I would love for you to share as much as you feel comfortable sharing on this hard journey, because it helps me have more empathy and compassion for you and many others who experience chronic, ongoing pain. And I think there is much we can all learn from it. Also, I’m so sorry you are carrying this. I can’t imagine how weighty, overwhelming, and discouraging it must feel so much of the time.”- Crystal

I think more of us live in the gray than we think. Social media makes us think either we’re great, perfect moms with perfect homes, or we’re neglectful and should be on an episode of Hoarders. Reality falls in the middle, and we have to figure out where we’re comfortable and what we can and can’t handle. Satisfaction is in the effort, not in the end result.”- Mindy

You may be here for me to teach you something, but you are teaching me so much more than I can give you! I am thankful to have such an incredible village by our side. I promise to share more as this journey unfold! xo

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Amy’s Notebook 04.26.17

Wednesday, April 26th, 2017

Maple Bacon Grilled Cheese

source: joy the baker

Hello, heavenly grilled cheese combo! I want to try this sticky finger maple bacon grilled cheese for our next sandwich night!

I loved these suggestions for a social media diet. Who couldn’t use one of those?

How to read a whole damn book every week. Couldn’t agree more with these suggestions!

If you are watching 13 Reasons Why with your teen, these are 13 great conversations to have with them about the show.

We are going to have to try some of these drink suggestions for our next board game night.

I started this memoir and it has been such a welcome escape this week.

DIY Bouquet Tips

source: the house that lars built

These tips for how to diy your own bouquets are so great and perfect for a beautiful  Mother’s Day gift.

Do you struggle with anxiety too? I love these tips for cultivating calmness and understanding your own triggers.

This cheesy bruschetta chicken is going on my menu planner!

I spent my Etsy gift card on one of these beauties for my kitchen. Can’t wait to use it!

5 ways to teach your kids about consent- such great reminders for parents!

I love these ideas for making Alexa your sous chef. Lots of things I would have never thought of.

Easy Messy Top Bun

source: a beautiful mess

I love this twist on an easy messy top bun.

Bookmarking this post since the comments are full of great suggestions for my next beach read.

You must be stocking up on your summer staples because this was your top purchase this month! I love these (PS-size up one!)

Do you find yourself fighting the crazy this time of year too? I loved the suggestion to under-react to the crazy- that’s definitely one I need to work on!

Here is the mental trick you need to maintain your focus. I loved all of these suggestions especially the one about starting your day in a positive way!

I hope you enjoyed our notebook, a collection of gathered links to DIY crafts, food projects, thrifty ways to spruce up your home, and thoughtful reads. Nothing brings me more joy than to highlight other fabulous bloggers. Follow me on Pinterest for daily inspiration! Please note, there are affiliate links that do help support our site- thank you! xoxo

Amy’s Notebook 04.19.17

Wednesday, April 19th, 2017

Flat Iron Curls from A Beautiful Mess

source: a beautiful mess

My sister was raving about using her flat iron to curl her hair. I loved this picture tutorial this week. I wonder if I have the coordination to do it though- ha!

Thinking about downsizing your wardrobe? Check out this post for some inspiration!

This made me laugh so hard. I TOTALLY would do that!

This is a great read for newbies to cooking and purchasing chicken thighs. These are my favorite these days!

Adult friendships are tough aren’t they?

Boho Top

source: ali on the boulevard

I hate to pick favorites in my capsule wardrobe, but I couldn’t love this top more and have gotten so many compliments on it!

I’ve been under the weather which gave me plenty of time to curl up with this book this week. What an incredible read! You MUST read it!

Some great tips for making a great pressure cooker chicken stock!

DIY Painted Floors

source: old brand new

I would never think to diy a painted tile floor, but this patio floor is stunning!

5 women run podcasts to listen to- girl power! I’d also love to tackle this great list of episodes worth discussing.

This was a pretty fascinating read on the immoralities of being wealthy. I am definitely going to be chatting about this one at the dinner table tonight!

You must be preparing for Mother’s Day because this was your top purchase this week. So sweet and I love supporting Etsy makers!

Eight powerful habits that can make your more successful. I really need to get motivated this year and this is a great start! I also REALLY enjoyed this piece on how to make it easier to be awesome.

An underrated places travel bucket list is happening after reading these highlights from each state!

I have a pile of these under my sink and I never knew all the things I could do with them!

Books to read that will soon be movies! Yay!

If you need me, I’m over here reading this book. I loved his first book so much, I can’t wait to dig into this next one!

Comments of the Week:  In response to my piece on S-town“Catching up on my blog reading since were on spring break as well! We went from Ohio to Orange Beach, AL and you know I totally stared down Woodstock, AL as we drove past. The deep dive into John B. McLemore’s life was fascinating and haunting and addicting. Brian Reed is a master storyteller, and his ability to thoroughly investigate this scenario was amazing. It’s stayed with me for quite some time…and I don’t see it leaving any time soon.”- Beth

I could not agree more, Beth! I even convinced my Dad to give it a listen and he’s loving it. I can’t wait to have a daughter-father chat about that.

I have loved reading what you all are up to in the summer months to enter our Brain Quest giveaway this week. This was one of my favorites- “Baking and cooking competitions are a big hit here! Lots of researching and concocting a plan and recipe hunting beforehand to extend their learning (and time ).”- Abbie

Isn’t that so fun? What a great way to get your kids engaged and off their electronics. Hope you all are having a wonderful day! xo

I hope you enjoyed our notebook, a collection of gathered links to DIY crafts, food projects, thrifty ways to spruce up your home, and thoughtful reads. Nothing brings me more joy than to highlight other fabulous bloggers. Follow me on Pinterest for daily inspiration! Please note, there are affiliate links that do help support our site- thank you! xoxo

Amy’s Notebook 04.05.17

Wednesday, April 5th, 2017


source: camille styles

This is an adorable way to wrap a little greenery for Spring!

I love these tips on ways to curb your phone addiction. I’m going to be playing in my settings this week to make some adjustments!

Are you a fan of the audiobook trend too? Here are some great suggestions for books to listen to!

As a crafter, I couldn’t be more excited about this show!

This is the season of overcommitment- this was a great advice on what to do when you find yourself with too many obligations.

Speaking of overcommitted, I shared this reminder this week.

As summer approaches, I needed this reminder on managing screen time. We also have a free printable for tech & chore tickets that should come in handy!

Birthday Pancake Tradition

source: dinner: a love story

Don’t let Pinterest fool you, traditions need not be grand to be appreciated by our kiddos.

I’m spending my spring break with this thriller and I’m really enjoying it!

How motivating is this to turn off your television? #goals

What a great way to think about comparison. Compare up versus down.

I’m a big fan of these online classes too and loved peeking at what other people are taking.

Whoa Wait Walmart Lace Swing Top

lace swing top

This was your top purchase this week- so proud of my friends who launched this adorable line!

I’m going to work on under-calendaring my life.

This is one smart money tip for takeout purchases. I’m going to have to remember that one!

A couple of quick tricks to improve your Instagram shots. I’m an Afterlight lover myself!

Sheet Pan Salmon Recipe

source: cookie rookie

I definitely want to give this sheet pan honey mustard salmon recipe a spin!

Looking for a cute spring wreath for your door? I love this inexpensive idea!

I just was talking to our school staff about this one- here is some advice on social media in middle school. For now we are exercising the right to delay as long as we can!

How to make bacon, eggs, and hash browns with one eye open. This looks like a great way to do breakfast!

I’m scooting off for the week to spend some time with my family while we are on spring break! I hope that you all have a wonderful week and I’ll be back in the ol’ office on Monday to share more with you on the blog- xoxo

I hope you enjoyed our notebook, a collection of gathered links to DIY crafts, food projects, thrifty ways to spruce up your home, and thoughtful reads. Nothing brings me more joy than to highlight other fabulous bloggers. Follow me on Pinterest for daily inspiration! Please note, there are affiliate links that do help support our site- thank you! xoxo


Amy’s Notebook 03.29.17

Wednesday, March 29th, 2017

String Wrapped Jars

source: design mom

I adore this string wrapped jar display. So pretty!

I don’t know if it is an age thing, but this article really resonated with me this week.

6 Kitchn editors tried Whole30 and share their results.

I loved reading this piece on limitations. I set a lot on myself and find comfort in the boundaries.

I just finished this fascinating read and have been thinking a lot about it this week.

You can make the most of a lunch hour with this list of websites to snag a new skill.

I love that this was your top purchase this month since I got one too! Definitely size down on that one.

I’m going to have to remember this steel oats trick for my crazy mornings.

We have a double desk and love it so I loved this Ikea hack studio desk tutorial.

Milk & Honey Soap

source: one good thing

I’ve been wanting to try a little soap-making and this milk & honey soap looks like a great start!

This unforgettable party is so incredibly inspiring.

10 fundamental truths that will change your life.

Imperfection Quote

source: my instagram feed

I am discovering that being vulnerable is a good thing.

The things nobody tells you about buying and renovating an old house. Looking forward to seeing this journey unfold!

These look like some creative ways to put yarn to work without knitting or crocheting.

This was your more visited tutorial this month. It must be salad season!

Considering blogging? This is a great article on finding your niche and getting paid for it.

I loved seeing how Courtney packed for her tiny wardrobe tour.

Comment of the Week: ❤❤❤ Finished this one today and loved it. I’d love to hear more about how she chose her own “champions”. Who are the champions in your life, Amy?- Kaytee

Loved to hear that you are enjoying next month’s book club pick! I’ve been getting lots of comments on this one so I’m excited to discuss it. As for my champions, I actually have two really amazing ones in my life.

My biggest cheerleader ever has always been my Dad. There are many things I have doubted that I could ever do and he has offered incredible pep talks to push me out of my tired boundaries. When I wanted to do this website, he would go from computer to computer clicking on advertisements to help support me because he believed in my work. When I had a particularly good day, I know he had been working really hard on clicking for me. As things grew, he has continued to be my champion and believed that I was capable of becoming successful in this funny field. He’s always the first person I call to share a life highlight with. 

The second is my husband. No one could talk me up more than he does even when it isn’t entirely deserved. He’s been my foundation for much of my life and I couldn’t ask for a better champion and partner. 

I hope you enjoyed our notebook, a collection of gathered links to DIY crafts, food projects, thrifty ways to spruce up your home, and thoughtful reads. Nothing brings me more joy than to highlight other fabulous bloggers. Follow me on Pinterest for daily inspiration! Please note, there are affiliate links that do help support our site- thank you! xoxo

Amy’s Notebook 03.22.17

Wednesday, March 22nd, 2017

Honey Lime Salmon Tacos

source: two peas and their pod

These honey lime salmon tacos look like a Friday night winner!

What a beautiful gift to share- I definitely want to participate in this #feedingabrokenheart challenge!

Have your kids caught the slime bug too? Here are 14 slime recipes you can mix up!

I’ve been listening to this book on audiobook and it’s SO GOOD. Kind of reminds me of Flowers in the Attic.

This looks like a great simple garden plan for my green thumb friends!

A reviewer puts 5 top-rated sleep-tracking apps to the test. I might give a couple of these a spin!

Buy these! You will not regret it. It’s helping make cute ballet flats a lot warmer and the weight on these is perfection. I can’t believe how much comfort they add for flats!

I had no idea that a bird-based system was the inspiration for Pantone. So fascinating!

I’ve had great success braising meat in milk so this braised pork roast in almond milk would be a lovely Sunday night feast.

This also looks like a healthy nacho switch-up for a gathering with friends.

Pantry Organization source: apt. 34

This pantry design is ah-mazing!! Loving that cookbook display!

I want to try this 1-bowl vegan gluten-free cracker recipe. These actually look pretty easy to make!

This piece on self-care is everything. Also, language on this, but worth the read.

I’ve been thinking about seeing this film so this was an interesting read. Have you seen it?

I haven’t listened to this podcast yet, but this read gave me a lot to chew on this week, especially as a blogger.

This looks like a fun and healthy way to do pizza. I’m going to add these to our menu planner!

These steak salads with miso dressing are a summer date night winner!

10 ways to work on being happier this year! I couldn’t agree more.

These self-tanner tips are awesome. I’m lazy, I prefer to do this for my faux glow, but maybe someday I’ll get some motivation in me!

Jenny's Print Shop

source: little green notebook

If you need me, I’m ordering all these prints for my walls! GORGEOUS and affordable!

I loved touring Caroline’s closet and seeing how she makes it work with her capsule wardrobe.

I’m picky about sweatshirts, but I got this one and it is the softest, butteriest, cutest sweatshirt ever. I’m normally an XS, but got a S in this. Size up! I’m ordering the other colors now!

This bunny butt cake is perfect for Easter!

The idea of crying every week voluntarily is baffling to me, but here you goThis is Us fans.

Some language, but look what happened when these coworkers switched identities on emails. Crazy!

Comments of the Week: Wow, I got so many sweet comments this week on my 6 happiness strategies for a more creative life. Many messages were very personal so I will only share the public ones, but it seems that this is a struggle for many of us as we find our new place in the world.

“This is a great look at how to live our lives. There are so many “stages” in life and we are different people as we go through, and ultimately come out the other side, that we barely recognize the person we were before that point.”

I really loved this post as I feel it’s really hard to find anything blog related for parents with older kids. I was just telling my friend how bored I have been. I was embarrassed to say it since for years I was always thinking, “I will do that when he is older and I have time”! I have one child who is in 8th grade and I don’t have a job outside the home so I definitely have a lot of time. Now I just need to find some motivation and figure out how to figure out what I want to do first (which for me is the hardest part).”

“I’m in this phase of life too. It’s the first year in a decade that all of my kids are in school all day. I wasn’t expecting the mental and emotional struggle that I’ve been going through. Thanks for writing this, Amy!”

“These are great tips! As MY nest starts to prepare to be empty, I find the exact opposite things are filling my cup. I think that the high school years in particular have been so wonderfully full of DOING – I am enjoying the fact that I can sit in a chair with a good cup of coffee and a great book and just BE, guilt free! Maybe there will be a time when I want to add to my schedule, but it is also wonderful to realize that the nest is pretty darn comfortable, even if it isn’t as full as it once was.”

“Just read your post and as always SO much good information!! Really enjoyed your tips on living a happier life.  PS: giving theSkimm a try too! Thank you!!!!”

“Great post. It’s a bit bittersweet to see your kids grow, but it’s lovely when they get to the point where you can refocus on the side of you that has been living in the shadows all these years.”

There are many other comments like that coming in my inbox and I just wanted to say that I’m so glad to share that you are, most certainly, not alone in finding your new identity. The first couple of years were hard and this year has also been difficult as they are both in middle school now and require different things from me. Cue the identity crisis! 

That said, last night I went to my first Rising Tide Society (locals, over here!) meeting and it was SO GOOD for my soul.  I’m working on finding my people at this stage and surrounding myself with creatives is just what I needed as I find my new groove. I had the impression this was a group just for photographers, but I was dead wrong. It’s for anyone who does creative work. As someone with a bit of social anxiety, I felt brave going and proud doing it. I need to step out of my comfort zone more often. 

Just know, mamas, you are not alone and I am figuring it out too alongside of you. Thank YOU for your encouragement, especially those of you that are further along in your journey than me. xoxo

I hope you enjoyed our notebook, a collection of gathered links to DIY crafts, food projects, thrifty ways to spruce up your home, and thoughtful reads. Nothing brings me more joy than to highlight other fabulous bloggers. Follow me on Pinterest for daily inspiration! Please note, there are affiliate links that do help support our site- thank you! xoxo


Amy’s Notebook 03.15.17

Wednesday, March 15th, 2017


source: sugar bee crafts

Tour this colorful craft room. Love these craft storage ideas!

Ack! This made me cry. I am finding this stage to be a hard one to navigate in my life. I hope it helps to know you aren’t alone.

Speaking of FEELINGS, I am on my second week with these supplements and I feel like a completely different person in a really good way. It seems to be the right herbal combo for me to reduce anxiety without a prescription. Did I mention it also has improved my concentration a lot for work tasks? Yup!

This is a great read on buying groceries on a budget. Thrilled to see we are meeting the thrifty government standards for our little family of 4.

Hospitality when you’re an introvert. Honestly, introverts are so quiet I always think they love hearing me talk and listening- ha! Eye-opening for an extroverted introvert!

Oh, love this little tip for making creamier scrambled eggs without adding a thing. Must try!

This instant pot roast is going on my agenda.

I’m reading this book for the first time and absolutely loving it. Glad I have it on digital format so I can highlight all the beautiful passages. Have you read it?

I’m adding this lentil soup recipe to my menu planner for my lunches. I’m on a lentil kick these days.

“The growth of incarceration rates among black men in recent decades, combined with the sharp drop in black employment rates during the Great Recession have left most black men in a position relative to white men that is really no better than the position they occupied only a few years after the Civil Rights Act of 1965.” Read this and if you haven’t caught it on Netflix yet, add this to your weekend agenda.

Roasted Chicken With Fennel and Lemon

source: the kitchn

These roasted chicken thighs with fennel and lemon look like another sheet pan dinner winner.

Sheet pan garlic butter shrimp is also on my dinner planner next week. I love giving my sheet pans a workout!

Planning to sell your home? These are some excellent ideas for staging your home.

This home remodel is my jam. Bookmarking!

Can’t wait to see this documentary. I have mad love for this band! You can catch them on my new playlist I made for you!

Please know that pictures can be deceiving.

Guinness Beef Stew

source: gimme some oven

Bring on the Guinness Beef Stew- yum!

I can’t stop looking at these book covers! Unreal awesome!

Magnolia Homes farmhouse style on a small budget. YES!

Locals, I’m going to the Civic Leadership Academy. This looks like such a fascinating and well-timed series for understanding today’s politics. I’d love you to join me!

Ordering this for my capsule wardrobe- big reveal soon! It goes so well with this necklace with a cute closure I snagged with my birthday money.

These are fantastic ideas for making a decorative and functional entryway even when you have a smaller space.

I’ve been curious about microblading so this was a great read although I’m not sure I could justify the expense!

26 pressure cooker recipes for quicker & easier dinners.

Comment of the Week: Well, we got a lot of comments on our Disney article and I will just leave the post here.

I just want you to know that I have appreciated the respectful commentary even when we don’t agree with one another. I have read lots of posts and comments that were absolutely awful on other sites and I told my husband how proud I was that our readers may not always agree with our articles, but we have always had a respectful discussion.

I asked Mary to step out bravely and share her opinions because I believe she is an incredible Christian writer and I’m a bit of a wild liberal who might not grab your ear in the same way. Her voice was important for this piece and I’m glad she shared it with you.

Over here, we will be seeing the movie and have a love and acceptance for all people. If we disagree, I want you to know that you are still loved by our family! xo

I hope you enjoyed our notebook, a collection of gathered links to DIY crafts, food projects, thrifty ways to spruce up your home, and thoughtful reads. Nothing brings me more joy than to highlight other fabulous bloggers. Follow me on Pinterest for daily inspiration! Please note, there are affiliate links that do help support our site- thank you! xoxo


Amy’s Notebook 03.08.17

Wednesday, March 8th, 2017

Entry Closet Makeover

source: fearfully & wonderfully made by carli

If you have a small entryway closet, check out this incredible closet makeover.

Can’t wait to try this reverse sear technique for our next date night at home.

Here are a few true crime podcasts to keep your listening ears busy.

“White men who do unspeakable things to women are never kicked out of the Academy’s fold; we continually insist on separating “art from artist.”- I am thinking a lot about this piece this week.

This book was SO GOOD- I couldn’t put it down this week.

10 best thrillers of all time- be sure to spend some time surfing those comments for more!

Are you using bobby pins the right way? This was a great simple guide to pinning back that hair!

Are you a night owl? I think you will appreciate the case for going to bed at 2:30 AM.

Quote Art Free Printable

source: the painted hive

Swooning over these free printable oversized book pages. What a beautiful addition to a wall.

You may want to marry my husband- all the FEELINGS!

This Junie B. Jones party is ADORABLE!

This small kitchen makeover is something I’m bookmarking for our own kitchen renovation someday.

How real couples spend their Sunday afternoons- loads of fun ideas!

I have one of these and I have never used it to make straining stock easier. What a smart tip!

Why typography matters…especially at the Oscars.

Do you struggle with remembering people’s names? I really do and found this piece to be pretty insightful.

7 sources for finding great free art for your walls.

Comment of the Week- I’m heading on vacation in a few weeks and all the books I bought were from your January list! Excited!- Megan

Yay! I love, love, love when people read books from our must-reads list! I read some great stuff in February too and I’m trucking my way through March already. GoodReads keeps telling me I’m behind on my reading goals though and it is making me CRAZY! Does that make you crazy too?  Maybe I set my goal too high this year, but I’m determined to read 100 books this year.

I think I can, I think I can…

I hope you enjoyed our notebook, a collection of gathered links to DIY crafts, food projects, thrifty ways to spruce up your home, and thoughtful reads. Nothing brings me more joy than to highlight other fabulous bloggers. Follow me on Pinterest for daily inspiration! Please note, there are affiliate links that do help support our site- thank you! xoxo


Amy’s Notebook 03.01.17

Wednesday, March 1st, 2017

Ballard Mirror Design DIY

source: the lettered cottage


I really love this window pane mirror tutorial made from inexpensive Walmart mirrors.  I would have never thought to piece these together!

How have I never thought to do this with my food processor? I hate cleaning the parts! Noted.

I’m dying laughing that this was your top purchase last month! I have the coolest readers!

Here is a list of the best podcasts for every situation.

If the lunchbox is getting a little boring, these lunchbox ideas might help!

34 books by women of color to read this year.

The 40 bags in 40 days challenge begins again. I love this one and how much it reclaimed our home the last time I did it! We basically scored this bonus room!

I’ve got a crush on these joggers. It’s all about comfort for this mama this year.

Gosh, can you imagine how much adulting school could help our kids? Seriously.

This slow cooker tater tot casserole is going on my weekend guilty pleasure food agenda.

Spring Getaway Trip Packing List 8 Pieces 8 Outfits

source: putting me together

How inspiring is this mini spring capsule? So cute!

Up your cauliflower game with this mashed cauliflower dish.

I read this thriller last week and I’m still like, WHOA, at that ending. What did you think?  Catch the author on our site on Sunday to talk about it!

This is a great roundup of the best in fiction for spring.

I didn’t think popcorn could get better, but honey brown butter popcorn sounds pretty amazing!

10-minute Spring Pillow Covers

10-minute spring pillow covers are so cute and affordable. I’m planning to crank out a no-sew version over here!

10 no-heat no-cook meals for the menu planner!

This is such a sweet children’s book- it would be a great Easter basket addition! Congrats, Matt!!

“Americans continue to view service work as a way station, not a way of life. Teenagers get their first job at McDonald’s; mothers dip back into the work force as receptionists; seniors make a little extra money as Walmart greeters. The reality is that these are the kinds of jobs millions of Americans hold for their entire working lives. And increasingly, these are the jobs their children will perform, too.”- A fascinating read on the new working class.

I’m adding this sheet pan meal to our meal plan for next week. Yum!

I don’t have an Amazon Echo, but these Amazon Echo hacks are pretty darn cool for those of you that do!

I want to try out some of these hummus combinations for my veggie dipping.

Comment of the Week- “A friend of mine wanted to get a group together to take items to the homeless community as her birthday celebration. She felt blessed and wanted to bless others. We pooled money and solicited donations from several companies. It was quite a learning experience. First off, we were threatened with arrest by the police at multiple stops. Even though it was not specifically against the law to give food to the homeless, local businesses did not want us doing this. They said they could find something to take us in on (disturbing the peace, public nuisance, etc) if we did not comply. So, we were constantly moving trying to find areas that the homeless congregated in. Second, the food was welcomed but what they really wanted was the toiletries: socks, underwear and hygiene items specifically. We had brought a large amount of toiletry items but should have brought more of that than food. They have resources to food more than the hygiene items. Third, women’s toiletry items specifically are in great demand. Finally, we had regular bottles of shampoo and regular sized soaps. They would actually take these out of the bag because they were too heavy. We ordered cases of the small soaps and shampoos from a wholesale hotel supply website. The cases contain several hundred items and were only about $50 per case. We took a second trip out with our smaller toiletries and they were a big hit. I now keep a box with several ziplock baggies in my van now with an array of sizes and gender marked on each one. It also has packs of crackers/trail mix I bought by the case as well. When I see a homeless person as I am going about my day now, I offer one of the packs to them.”- Curtis

Thank you so much for sharing your experience with giving to those in need in your community, Curtis. Our homeless care package article is one of our most visited and most pinned offerings on MomAdvice.  That really makes my heart happy!

This year I started volunteering weekly at our food pantry and my kids are excited to join me this summer to help. I love organizing so sorting items makes me feel good because it is something I love to do and I love knowing how this helps those in need in our community. Women’s care items are one of those things, I have discovered, that are not covered by food stamps and are such a basic need. I started a gift registry for my pantry so I can share these gifts with them, should you feel so inclined to share!

We also still travel around with items for those in need in our car. My son has become the designated giver and when we pull up, he shares our love tokens from money to socks to care packages like the ones we shared with you on the site. I’m hoping to raise two generous kids who see how these small offerings impact others!

How do you teach your kids the joy in giving?

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Amy’s Notebook 02.22.17

Wednesday, February 22nd, 2017

DIY Dishwasher Tabs

source: one good thing

I’ll have to try this diy for dishwasher detergent tabs!

7 books you should be reading during black history month. My pick? Read this STAT- the audiobook is amazing!

This post on renovation regrets really helped me as someone who is constantly renovating.

Here are a few ways to get in more reading this year- love the library lending hack!


source: cup of jo

“For me, wearing a hijab has given me an identity as a Muslim American. My hijab speaks for me before I do; it tells people about my morals, beliefs and values. It gives me a sense of self-confidence and strength.”- I love learning more about the hijab and what it signifies.

DIY those pizza lunchable kits- so smart. My kids would flip for these.

This task is on my spring cleaning agenda. Lots of good tips for getting this area organized this year!

I’m reading this book for my local book club this week. I have to say, it is so very different than anything I’ve ever read. Have you read it?

Check out the winners of the Little Free Library design competition. I have a crush on that owl library- too cute!

Designer Home on a Budget

source: the glitter guide

Tips for achieving that designer home look on a budget.

12 reasons why millennials are leaving the church. Great strategies for doing better- love the focus on serving!

9 recipes based on 9 of this year’s Oscar-nominated films. What a fun date night this would be!

You guys must be stocking up your tees for spring too- this was your top purchase this week. PS- they are perfection- not too thick, not too thin, & true to size!

This is such a wonderful piece of advice on marriage.

Anyone else laughing about this new trend? Hahaha!

Comment of the Week: I’ve said it before but it bears repeating, I love your Notebook. It’s so simple yet so informative. Definitely keeps me coming back to see what new and fun things you’ve been doing. Keep up the great work!- Kristen

Whoa! Thank you! One question people ask is how I do the hunting & gathering for this post. Let me tell you, it takes awhile.  I subscribe to a ton of blogs & read through Feedly with my morning coffee each morning, bookmarking things I think you might enjoy. It’s a week of work for a single day, but I’m so happy to hear that you enjoy this feature so much! I thought it might become extinct when Pinterest took off, but you proved me wrong. Thank you, Kristen! xoxo

I hope you enjoyed our notebook, a collection of gathered links to DIY crafts, food projects, thrifty ways to spruce up your home, and thoughtful reads. Nothing brings me more joy than to highlight other fabulous bloggers. Follow me on Pinterest for daily inspiration! Please note, there are affiliate links that do help support our site- thank you! xoxo