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It’s the 3 Little Things (With Shannon): Library Love, Iced Coffee Concentrates, & Cheesy ’80’s Movie Fun

Friday, May 1st, 2015
It's the 3 Little Things
Happy Friday! I am at the Mom 2.0 Summit this weekend and so I prepared this 3 Little Things edition before I even finished packing my bags. Aren’t you proud? Ha!  Getting out the door always requires a flurry of craziness between packing, laundry, feeding the people, and getting my husband to take over the weekly agenda of activities with the kids. Say a little prayer for him this week- this is a long trip for their mama to be away! While I’m there, I’m incredibly thrilled to be interviewing Molly Ringwald, who will be keynoting the conference and looking forward to meeting and connecting with bloggers and brands while I am there.
Today we have Shannon from  Gidget Girls Reading joining us this week! Shannon is a frequent commenter on MomAdvice and always provides her own thoughtful tips in our comments section. It’s a treat to feature her this week and read more about a few of her favorite things. If you are interested in being a guest poster on the 3 little things, send over a list of your 3 favorites and why to and I will share them in the upcoming weeks! 
Let’s peek at Shannon’s list! 
Hi, I’m Shannon Griffin!  I am a middle grade and YA book blogger over at Gidget Girls Reading.  I’m a stay at home mom to 2 beautiful girls, school library volunteer, Inspy Awards Judge for the YA division and major bookworm. I’ve been a long time reader of Amy’s blog, MomAdvice, so when she said she was looking for writers for their 3 Little Things I knew I had to write up mine.
Your Public Library

Your Public Library

I’m a big reader and while I get lots of books in the mail from publishing companies,  I still have tons of books lying around from our library. I think I suffer from the fear of running out of books to read. There are so many great books out there and they can get pricey. Did you know the library offers so many other things besides books?  You can check out magazines, CD’s, movies, and many more depending on your library services. You can get e-books and use Zinio for magazines through your tablet. It’s like having lots of magazine subscriptions for free!
They offer reading programs in the summer, and mine even has a winter one. Your child can get free books throughout the summer for reading. This builds up their home library and helps prevent that summer slump from happening. If you haven’t checked out your local library,  give it a try!  I bet you will love it as much as I do!
Maxwell House Iced Coffee Concentrates

Maxwell House Iced Coffee Concentrate

I’ve never been a big coffee drinker, but I’ve never meet a tea I haven’t liked!   I am an iced coffee lover though,  but still have never gone through the process of making my own iced coffee concentrate. Maxwell House offers 3 flavored iced coffee concentrates: Caramel, Vanilla and House Blend. They are so easy to make… you just add water!  You can even add a splash of milk, if you like!  I sometimes add a splash of my lactose-free milk to make an iced latte. They cost around $3.48-$3.98 depending on where I go. You can’t even get a small iced coffee at the coffee houses for $4.00!  Each bottle has 10 servings, however, I don’t like a strong coffee taste so I get a little more for my money. It’s my splurge and I have 1 a day so it lasts me quite a while.
80's movies

80’s Movies: The Outsiders, Karate Kid, Adventures in Babysitting, The Goonies…

My oldest had to read The Outsiders in school, and after reading it they watched the movie. Well,  for a girl who was dreading every minute of it, she fell in love with both! She asked if we could buy the movie and I said, “Absolutely!”  I love that movie!  I also bought a copy of The Karate Kid. Well, now both my girls are hooked and love these movies. Over our spring break we also watched Adventures in Babysitting and The Goonies. They laughed so hard during Adventures in Babysitting and really seemed to enjoy it. They said who knew 80’s movies could be so cheesy and fun at the same time? I have to say, it was so much fun passing on my favorite movies to my girls!
Do you have any 80’s or 90’s movies you and your kids like to watch? Let me know I’m making a list so we can have some cheesy movie time this summer! 

How fun was that list this week? I am so excited to share more great ideas from you all in the weeks to come! Thank you, Shannon, for generously sharing the happy today!

In my world…

Champagne Taste Dress

This beauty BARELY fit in my carry-on luggage, but it was worth the struggle. Thank you to Flourish Boutique for being a proud sponsor of MomAdvice all of these years. I can’t wait to show off this gown at the IRIS awards ceremony this year!  This is their Champagne Taste Dress ($129.50) and you wouldn’t believe the beautiful layers on this one. I also packed this dress and this PINK (of course) blazer for interviewing Molly Ringwald. Although, none of these are in my capsule, it is fun to step out of the basics for special occasions like this! Use Web Code WEB25 for 25% off one item from their store!  I am so lucky to have them as a sponsor!
I hope you all have a wonderful week and feel free to follow along with me on my trip through IG!! xoxo

*this post may contain affiliate links- I only recommend what I love though. Check out past editions of  It’s the 3 Little Things

Now it’s your turn! What’s making you happy this week?

It’s the 3 Little Things: Holiday Shopping, a Ghostly Tale, & a Tired Eye Cure

Friday, December 12th, 2014

It's the 3 Little Things

Happy Friday, friends! I can’t believe that I am taking a real vacation from the blog! I really need to get back to center with my people so I will be out of the office December 13th-28th! I have a date with this book (have you read it? I can’t put it down!!) and an ambitious stack of library books that I checked out for the week. I hope you caught my annual list of the best books of 2014- it was a good year of reading!  I can’t wait to have a little quiet time before we ramp up for the holidays.

Before I check out of the social media world though, here is my happy list for the week!

Flourish Boutique Holiday Shopping

Stocking Stuffers Galore

I love a good statement necklace and last night I got the VIP treatment at Flourish Boutique to take a peek at their holiday offerings this year. Since I have some special ladies in my life, I I got some really pretty statement pieces for them that I can’t wait to give them for Christmas. If you are as big of a fan of costume jewelry as I am, you really should check out their store (online or in-person!) They had a ton of fun new arrivals, but my eye always gravitates towards their cozy leggings and shapewear offerings that I wear so much in my fashion capsule.  You can always use our web code MOMADVICE  to take 25% off of your purchases when doing your own holiday shopping!

Don’t worry- I was good! Although I had hoped to take a few photos this week for you, I am seriously in crazy mode for the holidays so you will have to trust me that I am absolutely loving my capsule wardrobe and continuing to learn so much from it about my purchasing habits. I will get back to sharing from it after the holidays although I am sure you can catch a picture or two on Instagram!

The Dead Files

The Dead Files on Netflix

I am just going to say it. Netflix has really been rocking lately. My husband and I picked up The Blacklist (did you know Netflix paid $2 million per episode just to secure that show? CRAZY!), The Mind of a Chef (craving noodles all day, everyday after watching this), and now The Dead Files which originally aired on the Travel Channel.

My sister-in-law shared this gem with us and I think we have watched ten episodes already because it is so fascinating. They send a private investigator into a home that is haunted and they send a medium in to the same scene, but each of them doesn’t get to meet with each other or share evidence until the end of the show. The detective spends time gathering the real fact about the house (meeting with town historians and local folks) while the medium runs around and talks to ghosts and works with a sketch artist to draw one of the ghosts that she sees that is bothering the family. Then they sit down and share their evidence and it is crazy awesome.

I’m not sure if you are into the ghost-hunting thing or not or believe in it, but just finding the true history of the homes is some seriously fascinating stuff. The show isn’t scary, just super interesting. I find the editing to be a little too tightly perfect and I’m not sure I believe all of it (she is never wrong!?), BUT I LOVE IT.  If you have a marathon of present-wrapping and need a little escape, this is a pretty good one.

If you have any other Netflix recommendations for me, let me know in the comments because I am going to have lots of stuff to wrap this week with a birthday and Christmas in one week!

L'Oreal Visible Lift Eye Concealer

L’Oreal Visible Lift Eye Concealer

I have terrible circles under my eyes that seem to be getting worse as I age. I haven’t been able to find a concealer that really does a good job covering these up until I got this gem at the drugstore. It is like a little deodorant roller that you just roll right under your eye and then pat in. It covers everything and makes you look well-rested when you are exhausted from yarn-bombing your home for the holidays. If you want to look five years younger, this stuff is amazing and super affordable.

3 Things YOU Loved This Week (you, lover of MomAdvice things, you!)

How to Make a Blanket Scarf

How to Dye a Faded Pair of Jeans

Yarn Pom-Pom & Ornament Garland

Happy Birthday, Emily!

Bonus Happy

Happy 9th birthday, my beautiful and fabulous daughter! You forever changed our world for the better. I couldn’t be prouder to be your mama! I can’t wait to eat snickerdoodle cake with you-xoxo

Bonus Happy Two- the happiest of the happy!

Happy Holidays from The Clarks

Happy Holidays, friends! Thank you for your love and support this year! See you in two weeks!

*this post may contain affiliate links- I only recommend what I love though. Check out past editions of  It’s the 3 Little Things

Now it’s your turn! What’s making you happy this week?

It’s The 3 Little Things: Summer Lips, Red, Red Wine, & Comfy Sandals

Friday, June 13th, 2014

It's the 3 Little Things

I love it when Friday rolls around, don’t you?  I’m excited to showcase the 3 things that are making me happy this week with a bonus happy or two for your day!

I have been getting asked lately if I am going to run out of things for this feature. I really hope not because I have heard from many that this is their favorite day of the week on here. I have a running list that I jot things down on to include each week, but it definitely starts to become more challenging as the weeks go by. I promise to try to do a good job though and not recommend things I am not completely nuts about because…hello? How would that benefit you at all? I am now looking for little things at the stores to share with you. I call this “business research.” Often conducted at CVS and through online shopping. I hope I can write it off for my taxes.


Clinique Almost Lipstick in Black Honey

Great Summer Lips

I love a fresh summer lip and this year my new favorite is an oldie, but goodie called Clinique Almost Lipstick in Black Honey.  If you haven’t tried this lip color it is universally flattering and beautiful and I promise does not look anything like what is in its tube. You can pick it up at your favorite Clinique counter in the department store or they have it at Sephora. I absolutely love this shade for summer and I think you will too. It goes on like a gloss and moisturizes the lip. It’s the one you will want to buy extra tubes of so you can grab it and keep in your purse so you can touch them up while you are out and about.

Clinique Almost Lipstick in Black Honey

I like when people show me what lip color looks like on so here is a terrible selfie I took of the lip color for you so you can see why I love it so much. Isn’t it perfect for summer? Between that and my favorite BB Cream with the built in sunscreen, I feel set! This retails for $15 a tube so it is a splurge, but I promise you that you will love it and get your use out of it this summer. If you have a universally flattering shade you love, please share it with me and I will see about making it a part of my happy list and featuring it here too. I am always on the lookout for a fresh shade!

Santa Bacelli Chianti from ALDI

My Favorite Red Wine + Orange is the New Black

Red wine is my favorite and in the evenings we have been watching the second season of Orange is the New Black while we enjoy a glass of red wine. My new favorite red might surprise you, but I promise if you are a red wine drinker that you will absolutely love the Santa Bachelli Chianti from ALDI. The bottle retails for $4.99 so you might overlook it as a good wine option, but this bottle is on par with bottles I have bought in the $12-15 range. It’s one of their award winners and I try to buy a few bottles to keep in our wine rack for entertaining. It’s rich, dry (but not too dry), with a rich black cherry and plum flavor. It’s best paired with the new season of Orange is the New Black.

We are only a couple of episodes into Orange is the New Black, but it’s already my guilty summer pleasure. If the show is too racy for you, I totally get that. I highly recommend picking up the book which is more G-rated and just as fascinating as the show.

If you are as into the show as me though, you might enjoy taking this quiz to find out which character you are. As if you didn’t find me boring enough, the quiz says I am Piper. Lucky for me, it seems she is getting tough this season so watch out.  I was really hoping for Crazy Eyes though.

Payless Dexflex Sandals

Comfy Summer Sandals

I bought two pairs of these Dexflex Comfort Vicki Low Wedges for summer and I can’t rave enough about them. The true test of a good sandal is if you can go on a trip, walk through the airport, and put in a 12-hour workday standing the entire time and not have back pain, go to the airport again,  hop off the plane, and then dance the entire night until 2AM to celebrate the world’s greatest person at a party. These sandals did that for me on my last trip and people kept stopping me in the airport to ask me where I got them. They happen to be on clearance right now (lucky you!) so the pink are for sale for $12 and the black are on sale for $17. That is a lot less than I had paid for them. I got these when I bought my favorite nude pumps- it was a great shoe day, I tell you.

There are no buckles, the elastic hugs your foot, but they don’t squeeze them too tight (important if you have a wide foot like me). The heel is low and the shoe is well supported in the heel. I I bought a pair in pink and in taupe at the beginning of summer and have been wearing them nonstop.


Fleetwood Mac Rumours T-Shirt

Luxe Wagon

Here is the pair that I am wearing non-stop in taupe. I don’t know if your store might have them, but I absolutely love them. These look great with my Fleetwood Mac t-shirt that I scored from our Luxe Wagon in town. Seriously, fashion on wheels? Be still my beating heart. You gotta check it out! I got the cutest things from there and the Fleetwood Mac Rumours album happens to be my absolute favorite record so I had to have this t-shirt.  I would call that a bonus happy to pair with these shoes.

Last Day of School

Dress: site sponsor, Flourish Boutique


My other bonus happy this week is that we are FINALLY done with school. I may have been toasting myself with that Chianti because I survived my first year with two kiddos at two schools AND my first year of middle school.

I can honestly say that this was one of the hardest years I have ever experienced as a parent. The transition to middle school was a tough one for my son and for me. I am so proud that we made it through and that he did so well with his grades. I wouldn’t torture him by posting a picture, but know that I am so proud of him. He worked very hard this year and we had excellent teachers and volunteer tutors from IUSB that donated their time after the school hours to help him succeed. It took a village this year, but we did it and I am so, so proud.

My Emily also had a fantastic year.  She got an Outstanding Student award and I can’t say I helped her too much with that because I was so preoccupied with middle school homework. She’s a hard worker and makes my job so easy. Her happiness is contagious and when I volunteer at school, she always says, “That’s MY mom,” and hugs me. At eight, my days are numbered so I am savoring it while they last.

What could make you happier than being a proud mama?


Now that the kids are done with school, I am excited to tackle my summer reads at the pool. I happened to post about my latest NetGalley releases (remember that post about advanced readers?) and LOOK WHO WAS ALL LIKE, ” Happy reading, Amy,” on my personal Facebook status. Are you kidding me? Chris Bohjalian, well-played. Your book, Close Your Eyes, Hold Hands has moved to the top of my book stack. I haven’t even read it, but I am going to recommend it for his comment. He is one of the greatest writers of our time so I already know it will be amazing.  Between that and our Scribd freebie membership this week, I won’t have to go to the library for awhile. Oh, who are we kidding, I already went yesterday.


*this post may contain affiliate links- I only recommend what I love though. Check out past editions of  It’s the 3 Little Things

Now it’s your turn, what makes you happy this week? Feel free to share in our link up below and link back to this post to participate or share in our comments below!

Share 3 things that are making you happy today!

It’s The 3 Little Things: Carting Around Town, Pool Days, & Cheap Drinks

Friday, May 23rd, 2014

It's The 3 Little Things

Happy Friday, friends! I hope you are having a fabulous week and are looking forward to this long holiday weekend! I know I am!  This weekend starts the beginning of our community pool membership so I thought I would share a few of our favorite things about our summers at the pool!

Pool Membership

Opening Weekend At the Community Pool

After lots of swim lessons, I finally have two kids that can swim which is a total win for me this year and is making me enormously happy.  For the last couple of years, we have joined this community pool for the summer and I absolutely love it. We are the type of family that try to get every dollar out of our pool membership so we are there every day that we can be there and pack enough snacks & books to stay all day.  The kids love having a destination to go to each day, they burn off a ton of energy, and I enjoy some summer reading while I am there.  Dreaming of warm days at the pool are making me very happy and we are looking forward to the pool’s opening weekend this week!

My favorite part about this pool- the giant shaded area where really white people like me can sit. I pretty much park myself in a chair under there and if there are no chairs under there, I scoot a chair under there next to someone else sitting there and sit uncomfortably close to them.

Collapsible Rolling Cart

My Favorite Pool Accessory EVER

My best friend got these collapsible rolling carts one year when they were on sale at a local hardware store.  You may not have thought of a Rolling Cart as the world’s best pool accessory, but it really is. I load our entire cart up with our lunches (still in love with my favorite to-go salad containers), towels, pool toys, reading materials, sunblock, hats, and snacks. I throw them all in this cart and we wheel all of our stuff out to the pool, saving my back from breaking trying to lug all of our stuff out there.

The best part is that this cart is great in the off-seasons for library visits.  And, yes, we do horde that many library books when we go that we need a rolling cart to bring everything home. If you are looking for a book at our library and can’t find it, chances are it ended up in this cart.

Coleman Drink Dispenser

Cheap Drinks

You know I am all about the drinks since I have to feature something to drink for you each week! One of the best investments I made for our summer was buying one of these little half gallon containers for our drinks. My kids were looking for constant refills and buying tiny juice boxes for them was expensive. I can fill this up with lemonade, or some of our favorite fruit-infused waters, or just plain water and they can refill if they want to. I bought a stack of cheap cups that are for the pool and a quick name written on them with a Sharpie or having everyone pick a color helps cut down on throwing out packaging too.


Wedding Anniversary

My bonus happy this week was celebrating our 14th wedding anniversary with the love of my life.  On Instagram I posted this little Throwback Thursday image of the day we got married. These two kids had no idea what they were getting into.  My caption speaks to what marriage has really been like for us…

“There were hard years and easy ones. There were lean years and fruitful ones. Some years felt like longer than years and others felt like days. But they were always together and for that I’m thankful. 14 married years with my best friend this week!”

Wedding Anniversary

Flourish Boutique Dress

Zing! Sushi

It’s very a special occasion when I get to go out on a date with this guy too. We are so lucky that grandma and grandpa offer us the gift of a night out for our anniversary each year. I love getting to dress up and hit the town with this guy!

I found this beautiful dress & necklace from our site sponsor, Flourish Boutique, for the occasion. I went to the store and was overwhelmed with the dress choices. If you are looking for a special occasion dress, I highly recommend checking there- you can use WEB25 as a coupon code towards your dress.  I found a gold clutch at Old Navy and put my nude heels and fake tan legs to work for a night on the town.

A power outage hit our downtown that weekend though and our plans for all of our favorite places was derailed. After a lot of FB input and a long visit on Yelp, we settled on Zing! for a sushi night and it was absolute perfection! If sushi makes you as happy as it makes me, check out this documentary Jiro Dreams of Sushi and tell me if you don’t love sushi even more!

Lastly, if you are a Michael Jackson fan, please enjoy this talent show performance of Billie Jean with a flawless moonwalk (starts at minute 1:11, if it doesn’t start at the right spot)! Happy Memorial Day weekend, everyone!

*this post may contain affiliate links- I only recommend what I love though. Check out past editions of  It’s the 3 Little Things

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Share 3 things that are making you happy today!

The New Flourish Boutique

Friday, April 4th, 2014

The New Flourish Boutique

We are so excited to share that our amazing site sponsor, Flourish Boutique, has relocated into a beautiful and more spacious home. Emily & I were invited to the Grand Opening event this Thursday evening and had the best time browsing all of the beautiful items that they have in their new place.

If you haven’t had the chance to check it out, you will be in for a treat.  Not only does the store carry an expanded line of clothing and jewelry, they have now added shoes, beautiful handbags, bath/beauty products, and fun gifts for everyone in your life (babies, kids, furry friends, and even bridal fun!)

The New Flourish Boutique

The New Flourish Boutique

The New Flourish Boutique

As you can see, they rolled out the red carpet for us to show you around. The new location is right next to the new Gigi’s Cupcakes on 310 West Cleveland Road in Granger.

I don’t know what you are waiting for… let’s head on in!

The New Flourish Boutique

The New Flourish Boutique

The New Flourish Boutique

The New Flourish Boutique

It was hard to take very many pictures to really show you everything because there were so many Flourish friends shopping that night. We had the best time browsing all of the items in the store. Of course, our eyes always go to the jewels whenever we are out and about.  Pictured here is just half of the store, if you can believe it, and an amazing little Clearance section is tucked in the back of the store.

The New Flourish Boutique

The New Flourish Boutique

The New Flourish Boutique

The New Flourish Boutique

The evening included a fashion show. If you know us, you know we love fashion. Everywhere we turned, we saw something we loved.  Flourish Boutique has a ton of new merchandise that you can order or find in their store. MomAdvice readers can get 25% off any of their regular priced merchandise using the code WEB25!

Pretty in Pleats Maxi (Flourish Boutique)

Pretty in Pleats Maxi (Flourish Boutique)

Pretty in Pleats Maxi (Flourish Boutique)

Pretty in Pleats Maxi (Flourish Boutique)

Mystree Jacket (Flourish Boutique)

Mystree Jacket (Flourish Boutique)

Scarf (Flourish Boutique)

Here are some of my FAVORITE finds that I scored last night. This Pretty In Pleats skirt in white & black are my new favorite summer item! I am barely over five feet, and a maxi like this is a DREAM COME TRUE for me. I love that the lining is also an appropriate length and adds to the breeziness of this skirt. Did I mention the belt is included? Swoon! Be sure to check out the What’s New link to see all the updates (as I am sure some of these I have pictured haven’t made it on the site yet!) You can always cash in on our coupon code- woohoo!

We feel so blessed to have this partnership with Flourish Boutique and are so thankful for their continued support and sponsorship over the years! It has been a dream come true that they sponsor and support my little business- thank you, Flourish!

Pin It

Don’t Miss the Flourish Overstock Sale!

Thursday, July 25th, 2013

Overstock_Sale_2 Oh, Happy Day! The Flourish Boutique Overstock Sale starts up this weekend for all of my local friends. The sale takes place from Friday, July 26th-Sunday, July 28th. They will be open from 10AM-6PM on Friday & Saturday and 12PM-4PM on Sunday. 


Overstock_Sale_4 I got the chance to sneak peek the sale last night and the deals are incredible. The entire lower level of the store has been transformed into a bargain shoppers delight. I ended up snagging this dress in both pink & white and black & white for a mere $22 each. Did I mention that it is lined and came with a really cute belt? Such a steal!

The Overstock items are marked down between 60-90% off their original price and there are many bargains to be had for less than $25! 

Flash Sale

Are you not local? No problem! The Online Flash Sale will take place ONLINE ONLY on Thursday August 1st. Join the Flourish FB Page and participate in their sale live from 7PM-10PM, with items selling in auction style format! 

Flourish_8 Thank you again to Flourish Boutique for being a valued supporter of MomAdvice and giving me the chance to preview their incredible sale! I hope you won’t miss it!  Happy shopping, friends!!

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Site Sponsor Feature: Happy Birthday, Flourish Boutique!

Tuesday, June 18th, 2013


Today I just wanted to say thank you to one of our advertising sponsors that has been so good to me over the years. Flourish Boutique is known for not only helping women find outfits and accessories to make them feel special, but also for being a unique but affordable places to shop.

Flourish is celebrating their 5th birthday and I will be traveling to the Savvy Blogging Summit instead of getting to participate in all of the festivities this year, which really is quite a bummer for a loyal shopper like me!

Here are just a few events that are happening in the upcoming weeks on their social calendar! 

June 20, 2013 (Thursday)

Flourish Boutique welcomes you to their 5th Birthday Celebration with an open house from 4-8pm at the boutique. A runway fashion show will be held at 6:30. Enjoy sips and snacks, and the first 150 guests will get free swag bags too! 30% off Storewide Sale. Giveaways. Free Admission.

June 21-30, 2013

Flourish Boutique will keep the party going for the next week, celebrating five years of business. Expect surprise flash sales, tons of giveaways and deals, special new inventory and much more!  Don’t forget to give them a Like on their Facebook page to follow those sales!

July 26-28, 2013

Our most popular sale, Overstock, is back and better than ever. We will slash prices with items starting at just $1 and all markdowns 60-90% off. Doors open at 10 am on Friday July 26th for this special and anticipated sale event.


flourish_boutique_gallery_2 Mother's Day Shoot_ Amy & Emily I with info

Emily and I recently had the best time posing for a beautiful campaign they shot for Mother’s Day. I had a hard time getting Emily out of those heels and beautiful accessories when it was time to go!  Who am I fooling? I didn’t want to give up my heels, accessories, or dress either!  (Photo credit: Julia Schwartz of Schwartz Photography)


If you are unsure of what the latest trends are and what types of items you should be stocking up on for the season, Flourish Boutique has a great blog that showcases the do’s and don’ts for the latest fashions and how to achieve that look you have been dying for on your Pinterest boards. You can do it for less by visiting their awesome Sales page or head upstairs in their shop for their clearance items. You just might spy me there!

The store offers online shopping so if you don’t live around here, you can still partake of all of the amazing deals and steals that the store offers on their website. MomAdvice customers receive a 25% discount code. Just enter WEB25 when you checkout!

Thank you again to Flourish for being a valued supporter of MomAdvice and, “Happy Birthday!”


Site Sponsor Spotlight: Spring Finds at Flourish Boutique

Saturday, March 9th, 2013

As soon as the sunshine peeks out in Indiana, I start dreaming of Spring and finding new ways to freshen up my wardrobe for Spring. This week I headed into our fantastic site sponsor’s boutique, Flourish Boutique, to check out some of their Spring offerings and I was not disappointed in the least! Pictured above is just a sampling that the store offers. Basically, it is my very own Pinterest fashion board come to life.

Here are a few of the spring trends I am embracing right now!

Chevron Fun

I love chevron print anything and Flourish has you covered with chevron print dresses, tunics, and scarves. While I love the bold chevron prints on the dresses, with my petite frame, I look for smaller nods to chevron like this Infinite Chevron Scarf ($29) or this Bold & Beautiful Dress ($59.50) that is edged in a bold chevron pattern to embrace the trend while still adding some neutral balance with my accessories and other pieces in my wardrobe.

Polka Dot Delights

I am a sucker for anything polka dot and the red dress that I pictured above, could not be snatched up fast enough for my wardrobe. The Party Time Dress ($59.50)  is a great dress that could be dressed up for a night out, or paired with a cute blazer, long sleeve t-shirt, or a pair of leggings for cooler Spring nights.

Statement Necklaces

Statement necklaces are one of my new favorite things to add to my Spring shopping to-do list because they can change everything in your wardrobe into a completely different outfit. Even an inexpensive white t-shirt suddenly looks different with the addition of a great statement necklace. This Mint Medallion Necklace ($49.50) is a great example of embracing both the statement necklace and the mint trend! You can find statement necklaces for very cheap, but I have found that they don’t hold up very well and I have started investing in one or two good pieces of costume jewelry for the year instead of buying necklaces that break on me before the season ends.

Nautical Knits

I love trends that never seem to go out of style and nautical is something I am always adding to my closet because it lasts from year to year. Each year I try to get one knit dress that I can dress up or down for the summer. This Nautical Knit Dress ($49.50) is the perfect example of a dress that can be accessorized with a bright belt, a big statement necklace, or thrown on for a day at the beach. Ironically, I spotted almost the same dress in my own Pinterest board that I had pinned ages ago. I already knew that this would be the perfect dress for me!

Coral & Mint Hues

I am loving all things coral and mint for Spring. This Shades of Perfection Top ($49.50)  is so cute and could transition out of these colder days with the long sleeve t-shirt and easily put on sleeveless for Spring. Flourish also offers tons and tons of mint this year in jeans, tops, and dresses. This Timeless Engraving Tunic ($54.50) is just one example that they offer.

I am always so proud to wear Flourish Boutique and am so thankful to them for their sponsorship of MomAdvice! I am a real mom that takes a lot of pride in what I wear. I am no fashion expert, by any means at all, but I truly love taking great care in looking nice for myself (and let’s face it, I like to wow my hubby!). These are just a few of the outfits I have worn in the last month that show off how real and approachable their pieces are.

Boutique shopping may seem out of the budget, but what I think makes Flourish special is their  great sales they offer. Like them on Facebook and you will see a daily deal/sale they are running. Check out their Overstock room upstairs (locally) or Overstock online where you can score many great deals for a fraction of the price.

The store offers online shopping so if you don’t live around here, you can still partake of all of the amazing deals and steals that the store offers on their website. MomAdvice customers receive a 25% discount code. Just enter WEB25 when you checkout!

Thank you again to Flourish for being a valued supporter of MomAdvice.


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Giveaway Closed: $50 Flourish Boutique Gift Card & 2 Bubble Necklaces With Earring Sets

Tuesday, December 4th, 2012

Thank you all for entering! We would like to congratulate Lindsey (Comment #59- first prize) and Patricia (Comment #43) and Meg (Comment #52) on wining these prizes! Happy Holidays, everyone! 


Today I am so excited to share with you a fantastic giveaway from our site sponsor, Flourish Boutique. With the holiday season in full swing, I am so excited to be giving away a gift certificate or gorgeous bubble necklace to spice up your holiday wardrobe or to share as a gift with someone special in your life. 

Flourish Boutique is where I shop for almost all of my clothing. They offer everything from cozy fleece leggings and sweaters to elegant cocktail dress attire to beautiful pieces with feminine details that people will ask you over and over again about where you got your beautiful clothing from. New items come in daily so there are constantly new things to see and buy in the store that offer a unique element to your wardrobe. If you happen to catch me at a book signing, I bet you will spot me in one of their beautiful dresses!

Boutique shopping may seem out of the budget, but what I think makes Flourish special is their  great sales and a Steal of the Day program too; where a new inventory item is guaranteed to be $9.99 or less! For the holidays, you can check out there 30 under $30 gifts for affordable holiday giving (or getting)! 

I love that the styles are on trend with everything I am pinning in my Pinterest Fashion Board, but are offered at a fraction of the price of many of the designers I am eyeing. I just know that when you start browsing the site, you will have just as hard of a time as me selecting what to get with your gift card.

Today we are offering one lucky reader a chance to spice up her holiday wardrobe with a $50 Gift Card to Flourish Boutique. This giveaway is open to anyone in the US and your order can be placed right on their store site! This giveaway isn’t just for locals- Flourish can be on your doorstep through the beauty of online ordering. 

Please leave one comment for each  entry you wish to complete:

  • First Entry: Visit the Flourish Boutique site and and let us know what you would like to add to your holiday wardrobe.
  • Additional Entry: Let us know you are a fan of Flourish Boutique on Facebook.
  • Additional Entry: Use the Facebook Share It button and share the picture of the Red Join the Crew Bubble Necklace on your Facebook Wall.

One winner, chosen at random, will receive a $50 Gift Card to Flourish Boutique. Second and third prize winners will receive a Red Join the Crew Bubble Necklace and earring set.   Please submit your entries by Tuesday (12.11.12) at 8PM EST.  Our winner will be drawn at random. Good luck, everyone!

Flourish Boutique is a paid advertiser on Want to know more about how giveaways are handled here at MomAdvice? Be sure to read our Disclaimer which clearly states how things work and know that we will always offer only the best reviews & giveaways to our readers. In full disclosure, the email addresses that are collected for this giveaway will only be used for the purpose of contacting the winner(s), and will never be sold or given to anyone. This giveaway is only open to residents of the United States who are 18 years of age or older. Entries that do not follow the above criterion will automatically be disqualified. This giveaway will close Tuesday, December 11th at 8PM (EST). I’ll announce the first name of the winner(s) that will be added to the top of this current giveaway post and contact the winner(s) by email. I will draw the names of the winner(s) by using the random number generator at from the eligible entries received. If a winner does not contact me within 72 hours by email, I will draw a new winner. The winner(s) will receive their prize from the PR agency responsible for this giveaway. 

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Sponsor Spotlight: Flourish Boutique (Coupon Code)

Tuesday, October 16th, 2012

Today I just wanted to say thank you to one of our advertising sponsors that has been so good to me over the years. Flourish Boutique is known for not only helping women find outfits and accessories to make them feel special, but also for being a unique but affordable places to shop. Most items run from around $30-$100 for their customers.

Boutique shopping may seem out of the budget, but what I think makes Flourish special is their  great sales and a Steal of the Day program too; where a new inventory item is guaranteed to be $9.99 or less! If you happen to be a local, they also offer a fun Overstock room upstairs where I have been able to score many great deals for a fraction of the price and an annual sale where you can shop at truly deep discounts.

I get a lot of great compliments on the clothing I wear and it is through my partnership with Flourish that I get to look so great. I like to stand out at conferences and feel confident in the clothing I wear. Here are some examples of beautiful things I have worn this year from our sponsor!

I love clothing that is very feminine, ladylike, and I love pretty ruffles and embellishments to my outfits. As you can see, the store offers just that with those little details that I love. The only hard thing is that the clothing is so darn memorable that people remember when I wore the outfits last so I have to keep adding to my outfits to switch them up.

I never wear something from the store and not get stopped or complimented. Even when we spent the day in Chicago, people would stop me on the street and ask where I got my necklace or dress. It got to the point that my husband claimed, he was just “an accessory to the Amy show.”

True story!

The store offers online shopping so if you don’t live around here, you can still partake of all of the amazing deals and steals that the store offers on their website. MomAdvice customers receive a 25% discount code. Just enter WEB25 when you checkout!

Thank you again to Flourish for being a valued supporter of MomAdvice.

My husband thanks you too!


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