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Creating the Perfect Fashion Capsule Wardrobe (That Will REALLY Work!)

Tuesday, October 14th, 2014

Creating the Perfect Fashion Capsule Wardrobe (That Will REALLY Work!)

Since I have reached the halfway point in my first fashion capsule, I thought it would be a great time to check in with you and share what I have learned so far in my journey with my capsule wardrobe. If you haven’t been following along, you can view my Fall 2014 Fashion Capsule Wardrobe and read more about the approach I decided to use on my first capsule.  Honestly, I was so nervous even saying out loud what I had planned to do and  planning my fashion capsule wardrobe consumed my every thought for a good month before I decided to take that plunge. Add in the hurdle of three seasons in a single capsule in the Midwest, ranging in temperatures from the thirties to almost one hundred. I had no idea if I could even pull this off.

Here is what I want to tell you and I hope you will listen closely.

This project has changed my life and my habits.

The first couple of weeks I sat firmly in an identity crisis.  What was I going to do with all this free time now that I wasn’t shopping?  There were no impulse purchases to be made, no special date night outfits to purchase to surprise my husband, no picking up a few things for myself before a business trip. I went to places with glorious shops and beautiful clothes and almost wanted to wear a blindfold through stores. I probably pouted.  It seemed like I was being subjected to people just waving their pretty outfits in my face and I couldn’t buy them.

It brought a level of awareness of my need to consume for no reason other than consumption. 


Feel free to read that line again. From the author of THE GOOD LIFE FOR LESS

The shame.

I have a habit of spending money unnecessarily and this is helping me be aware of that. I had a closet overflowing and I will still buy. I have 37 of the most well-thought pieces and I still want to buy. This challenge has been eye-opening.

My next capsule begins on November 22nd and I would love to have you join in with me on this next one!  Since I feel like I have learned a lot in this one already, here is my advice to you if you are considering creating a fashion capsule of your own.

Creating the Perfect Fashion Capsule Wardrobe (That Will REALLY Work!)

Invest in Foundation Garments

One thing I have  had trouble spending money on in the past is good foundation garments. What I have discovered in creating this capsule is that my most used pieces are the foundation pieces that I invested in to layer under my wardrobe pieces. I always relied upon inexpensive camisoles and cheap tank tops to set the foundation for my outfits which lead to constant tugging and pulling on straps, shifting straps to make things look nice,  bulk from added thickness from foundation pieces that didn’t fit properly under my clothing, and the pieces never covered my behind making it impossible to wear leggings confidently.  Three of my most used pieces were my Seamless Perfection Long Sleeve Tunic Dress in Black (purchased- Flourish Boutique and shown above),  a Long Sleeve Seamless Layering Piece in Gray  (owned- Flourish Boutique), and a Seamless Tank in Burgundy (owned- Flourish Boutique).  I swear this isn’t just a plug for the boutique, these were really the pieces that I relied upon the most to add warmth to summer items and to keep things modest.

It doesn’t matter where you get them, but really consider snagging seamless tanks, long sleeve tops, and even a layering piece like a seamless tunic dress to help you feel confident in your outfits and appearance. It has made me feel so much more confident to have these pieces in my capsule wardrobe.

Creating the Perfect Fashion Capsule Wardrobe (That Will REALLY Work!)

Don’t Base Your Fashion Capsule Around Someone Else’s Style

The inspiration for this challenge came from Unfancy and I give her full credit for inspiring me to take the plunge into creating a fashion capsule. I adore her style and her outfits so much. I got a lot of inspiration for smart basics to put in my capsule wardrobe from her. That said, I am not her (isn’t that sad?!?!)  I am a mom  in her thirties of two kids, living in Indiana, who has a style that leans more towards retro than modern. If I based my capsule around her style, I would have felt a little like I was playing dress-up and probably a whole lot NOT like me.  You thought I had an identity crisis before.

My style is probably not your style and that is okay. Your capsule can look nothing like my capsule.  Your body shape could be different from mine and none of these cuts of clothing or ideas will work for you.  When creating your capsule, create it around what you feel most confident in. I suggest peeking in your closet and selecting what makes you feel beautiful and start your planning around those pieces. That’s the best place to start.

Creating the Perfect Fashion Capsule Wardrobe (That Will REALLY Work!)

Creating the Perfect Fashion Capsule Wardrobe (That Will REALLY Work!)

It’s Okay to Add Color & Pattern To Your Capsule

When I told my friends & family that I was embarking on this crazy fashion capsule journey, they told me that they just couldn’t picture me in all black and without pattern. What the what? No way! I love color and I love patterns and textures. I would never shy away from the things that make me… well, ME.  There are certainly those black & white basics weaved in, but I would never be happy in only black and white.  Even when wearing these black and white items, I find ways to weave in color in scarves, necklaces, shoes, belts, and purses.  You can’t hide this loudness. It is impossible.

Again, this is all about making your capsule work best for YOU not anyone else. You don’t have to have a colorless wardrobe unless you want to.

Creating the Perfect Fashion Capsule Wardrobe (That Will REALLY Work!)

Alterations Are a Worthy Investment

I am very petite and my clothing never really fits me right. Shoulders need to be moved up, waists taken in, buttons shifted, and hemlines raised.  Alterations can be pricy, but I promise that you will enjoy your capsule wardrobe so much more if they fit you well.  If clothes right off the hanger fit you perfectly, I really envy you.  If they don’t, consider investing once a week into having one item altered and wearing your wardrobe that does fit until it can come out of alterations. Almost all of my wardrobe is carrying over to my next capsule because it fits me well and because I invested in alterations to help me look my best.  It is one investment worth making and will pay off for future capsules.

Creating the Perfect Fashion Capsule Wardrobe (That Will REALLY Work!)

Invest Wisely By Buying Consignment Clothing

I am a bit of a brand snob, but didn’t want to spend a ton of money on my fashion capsule. I admit, that first one (unless you are a wise investor in basics), can be a little draining on the budget. After buying my basics, I couldn’t necessarily run over to J. Crew to pick up a few things or grab a beautiful sweater or dress from Anthropologie. I was already over budget.  I can, however, seek those items out second hand whether it is a local thrift store or through my favorite second hand online retailer  Twice. The items I selected were practically brand new and I am still getting the longevity out of them that I had hoped for.

Creating the Perfect Fashion Capsule Wardrobe (That Will REALLY Work!)


Read Those Care Tags & Exercise Caution When Caring For Them

The hardest lesson I have learned is to be more aware of care labels. Since I am living in these key pieces for three months, I should have bought only things that could be washed or would require a little line drying.

The first week of beginning my capsule, I went to a bridal shower, hopped in the car with my sister-in-law, jetted to Starbucks, spilled Starbucks all over my skirt (a signature piece, I might add!), tried to spot clean it, ended up washing it on delicate, took the skirt out and it was…


Yup, dry clean only. I spent all day fluffing and separating the fabric and shaping it back into its former glory. I wore it to church the next day and felt like a slip was dragging behind me. I looked and sure enough the whole underlayer was hanging out an inch. I called my mother-in-law and declared a fashion emergency and she GRACIOUSLY let me bring my tiny skirt over to her house and hemmed it for me.

First lesson learned: check care label information before making minimalist wardrobe purchases.

The second lesson learned is that taking time to REALLY take care of your pieces will help with the longevity of those items. I have been line-drying almost everything and it still looks like new, whether it was from Target or from Anthropologie. If you REALLY take care of your stuff, you can help keep it looking good for future capsules!!

Creating the Perfect Fashion Capsule Wardrobe (That Will REALLY Work!)

Curb the Boredom With Styling

I get bored easily and perhaps it is this boredom that creates that desire in me to buy, buy, buy. I started my Fashion Capsule Pinterest board to help me rethink the items I already have and new ways that I can wear them. If you see a big surge in posts, I am hitting a boredom phase and need to try something new. I have learned new ways to roll my sleeves, new ideas for styling some of my basic key pieces, and discovered new ways to twist scarves.

As soon as that boredom hits, chase it away with a new style.

Creating the Perfect Fashion Capsule Wardrobe (That Will REALLY Work!)

Stealing Helps

The cushion I had in my capsule is that I am allowed one steal from my existing wardrobe. Since I apparently am a shopaholic, I look forward to my steal so much each month. I have been saving it for the end of the month so that I have something to really look forward to. It’s nice to know that just when I am feeling a little tired of my pieces, I can raid my closet!

Creating the Perfect Fashion Capsule Wardrobe (That Will REALLY Work!)

Your Wardrobe Will Get Considerably Lighter

Did I mention I have rid myself of 37 items of clothing in honor of this new challenge? AND IT WAS EASY TO DO. When you buy things that make sense together, that fit well, that make you feel confident…you realize the heavy load of crap that is in your closet that just don’t do those things for you. I filled a bag this week of 37 pieces I do not need and I know there will be more. Since doing this, I feel more confident than ever. Things make sense and this wardrobe works for me. Goodbye stuff that does not make me look and feel good. I don’t need you anymore.

Creating the Perfect Fashion Capsule Wardrobe (That Will REALLY Work!)

I Still Haven’t Wore Everything

I am halfway into my capsule and I still have not wore everything in it. That is the truth. You still will fall into routines and habits with the comfy pieces and the things you love the most. I still have three items I have not worn and many that have only been worn once or twice. Like I said, who needs to shop with so much already at my disposal?

Fashion Capsule Challenge

Would you like to do a Fashion Capsule challenge with me? I will be revealing the next wardrobe very soon to inspire you for the Fall months. I post outfits weekly in my It’s the 3 Little Things and on Instagram. Feel free to leave a comment below and let me know if you want to join in on the fun or if you are doing a similar challenge of your own!

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It’s the 3 Little Things SUPER EDITION

Friday, August 29th, 2014

It's the 3 Little Things

Oh, I hope you did read that title! It brings me back to the Sweet Valley Twins books and getting that Super Edition book that you knew was going to be so much better and longer than the regular editions. That is exactly what starts this week on our 3 Little Things.

I am trying to figure out a way to blend my fashion capsule challenge with the rest of the blog and decided that I can’t manage a whole separate series and try to build a following to that. Since you guys already love this section so much, the three little things just got more awesome. I am going to include my usual 3 things that make me happy and am now adding 3 outfits that I wore and 3 things you loved this week on the site from our top searches.  Consider this the super editions from here on out! Life got so full with my activities and kids and running and running and running. I still want to inspire you and take you on my journey towards a more minimalistic wardrobe so this is a great way to blend my two loves together.

3 Things That Make Me Happy

aerie bralette

aerie bralette

The Yoga Pants Of The Bra World

Padded, without wires or hooks, and can comfortably be worn to bed or under clothes.  It is the yoga pants of the bra world and it is called the bralette. Behold the awesome from aerie.  It’s my new favorite thing! Be sure to sign up for their email list or check here for coupons because you rarely have to buy anything not on sale at this store. If that doesn’t make you happy, then you are crazy.


Savings Catcher

I promise I am not being paid to say this,  it’s just something that is saving me some money and time this month. I am madly in love with the new Walmart Savings Catcher app. I shop there a lot for my projects for my clients because I can grab my groceries and craft supplies in one place. If you download the Walmart app, they now have a Savings Catcher tool on that app that you can use for price matching.  What I do is I scan the barcode on my receipt when I get home. They then compare the prices of all of the stores and give you back the difference on an ecard if they find someone with a lower price.  I signed up a couple of weeks ago, entered one receipt, and I already have $2.46 accumulated.  I have gotten a few friends to sign up and they have already accumulated a few bucks too. Pretty great stuff!


My Home Management Binder

I am so thrilled after months of chattering with my assistant and recruiting our designer and contributor to design a home management system and coordinating the distribution of these files with my husband that these printables are finally out in the world. I am so thankful to Money Saving Mom for sharing this freebie with her readers. We were baffled when the sign-ups suddenly stopped on our brand new newsletter. It turns out that if you have more than 2,000 people sign up, you have to start a paid plan on Mail Chimp.

First world problems, I tell you.

All I can say is, “WOW!”

My hopes of getting a couple of hundred subscribers has been surpassed.  Thank you all for signing up for our newsletter and I am so happy that we got to share these home management binder printables with you after a lot of hard work behind the scenes to make these. I finally feel like I can breathe now that we have mailed them to you.

I am truly using these printables and can’t believe the paper pile-up with school just starting that has already happened. I’m proud that I am a little more organized than the years before and I am loving that I didn’t have to buy a planner this year. I have already started inputting my work trips in it and got a ton in it for my husband so he knows when/where/what to do with our children.  Each year it feels like so much more and I’m hoping this helps me stay cool and collected this year.


3 Things I Wore

Did you see I started a fashion capsule wardrobe challenge? I’m so thrilled so many of you are joining in so I have some accountability partners. If you are looking for inspiration I have spent far too much time making a Pinterest Fashion Capsule Board to inspire you into embracing a simpler wardrobe. You really must take a peek.

This week started with a bang. I went to a bridal shower, hopped in the car with my sister-in-law, jetted to Starbucks, spilled Starbucks all over my skirt (a signature piece, I might add!), tried to spot clean it, ended up washing it on delicate, took the skirt out and it was…


Yup, dry clean only. I spent all day fluffing and separating the fabric and shaping it back into its former glory. I wore it to church the next day and felt like a slip was dragging behind me. I looked and sure enough the whole underlayer was hanging out an inch. I called my mother-in-law and declared a fashion emergency and she GRACIOUSLY let me bring my tiny skirt over to her house and hemmed it for me.

First lesson learned: check care label information before making minimalist wardrobe purchases.

Here are 3 looks I am *trying* this week.

tank + pleated skirt + chevron necklace

Pleated Bird Skirt (owned- Stitch Fix)/Seamless Tank in Burgundy (owned- Flourish Boutique)/Chevron Necklace (owned- Charming Charlie)

Holy heavens! It was a heat wave and I did not put shorts in my minimalist wardrobe. I did, however, give camis a free pass so this long tank (hidden discreetly under my bird skirt) worked perfectly. I should have probably counted this one as a piece because it is long, but I’m not going back on my decision to include it now that it is ninety degrees out.

bow shirt + mint belt + lounge pants

Ann Taylor Loft Pink Print Collared Shirt (purchased second hand on Twice)/Mossimo Black Lounge Pants (purchased- Target)/ Mint Belt (owned- Target)/Bangles (purchased- Forever 21)

tank + statement necklace + leopard print belt + jeans + black heels

Seamless Tank in Burgundy (owned- Flourish Boutique)/Leopard Print Belt (owned- Target)/Black Pumps (owned- Payless Shoes)/Seven Skinny Jeans (owned- Flourish Boutique)/ Statement Necklace (owned- Groopdealz)

That last outfit isn’t my normal attire, but it turns out we got a sitter for the night so I am heading out for a sushi date with my hubby! I bet that makes my happy list for next week. We haven’t had a date night in ages and I can’t wait to steal that guy all to myself.

I struggled this week..I would say hobbled along in my fashion challenge.  Breaking the habit of changing a few times a day because I think I am hosting an award show, REALLY thinking about accessories, and taking better care of my pieces are all shedding some light on some of my behaviors and habits.

This is going to make me a better person even if I did feel a little Amish the first day because I have never had to work so hard accessorizing to make my clothes stand out.

I am a loud person.  I am a loud patterned person. I am the one with the jazz hands screaming, “LOOK AT ME!”

Just a tiny identity crisis this week. Ahem.

These were my favorite looks because I put some jazz hands on them, but I got dressed EVERY DAY and made it count. So I am really proud of that.

3 Things YOU Loved This Week (you, lover of MomAdvice things, you!)

Here are our top 3 posts this week!

Easy Lunchbox Solutions

A New Way to Teach Your Child How to Tie Their Shoes

14 Free Home Management Printables

*this post may contain affiliate links- I only recommend what I love though. Check out past editions of  It’s the 3 Little Things

Now it’s your turn! What’s making you happy this week?

Fall 2014 Fashion Capsule Wardrobe Project

Sunday, August 24th, 2014


Fall 2014 Fashion Capsule Wardrobe Project

I’m so excited to be putting together my first fashion capsule wardrobe this year.  Ever since I was a kid, I have been intrigued by fashion capsule projects. When I think of them I think of the popular Donna Karan line with seven easy pieces that inspired so many women to embrace a capsule wardrobe.  Who couldn’t be inspired by the simplicity of those pieces and how many outfits you could create from them?

I was not blessed with a big wardrobe budget when I was young, but I had big dreams of making the most of key pieces even then. I remember reading a piece in Glamour Magazine on the school bus that shared the essential pieces every girl should own which included a black blazer, a white shirt, a good pair of jeans, black slacks, and booties. My money for starting my fall wardrobe budget for high school was very small though so I remember investing in these pieces that I found for no more than $10-15 each at the cheapest store in town. What resulted was a really bad school picture in a poorly fitted shirt that only got washed once and became a wrinkly awful misshapen mess that I never could wear again.

The intentions were there, but the budget was not.

As I admitted, I am very passionate about fashion, but have no claims to fame in the fashion blogging world. I decided to embrace a fashion capsule challenge of my own and see if it makes an impact both on how much I am buying and how much I can create from what I already own. I am not doing a ten piece challenge because that does not fit with the area I live in (multiple seasons in the course of three months- you have to love the Midwest!) or with my personal style.  I love that with a fashion capsule you have the freedom to make it what you need in your life.

If you are already a fashion minimalist, you can be unimpressed with me.

I openly admit that I have a closet that is bulging over into other areas of our home and needs to be tailored down. I have so much- I can do better.  For me, this is a true challenge, but one that I hope will help me a lot to learn to embrace a less-is-more philosophy in one area that I need improving in.

What Is a Capsule Wardrobe?

A capsule wardrobe is a collection of clothing which is designed using only interchangeable items, in order to maximise the number of outfits which can be created. The aim is to have an outfit suitable for any occasion without owning excessive items of clothing. This is usually achieved by buying what are considered to be “key” or “staple” items in coordinating colours.

Fall 2014 Fashion Capsule Wardrobe Project

This project was inspired by the Unfancy fashion capsule challenge, but I am making a few of my own rules for my own personal challenge.

37 Piece Wardrobe- The wardrobe can have 37 pieces  in it. This wardrobe does not include pajamas, workout gear, undergarments, or camisoles (something that is a necessity for me).  The capsule is made from items I already own, some purchased to be workhorses in my wardrobe (since I fail in this department greatly), and purchased second hand at Goodwill or through Twice. All of the items I am not wearing and still love are being tucked in storage for the next fashion capsule.  I have created a Fashion Capsule Pinterest Board to help inspire me with the pieces I am using.

No Shoe Shopping- I am not including my shoes for this challenge, but I am challenging myself to not buy any more shoes and use what I already have.

One Steal Per Month- Things and events come up and I am allowing myself one steal per month from items that I already own. I may find I don’t need this, but I think it might help with the shopping bug.

No Shopping For Clothing- I will wear the clothes I have selected and not shop for three months and only shop two weeks prior to the next capsule for items for the next season if needed. This is going to require a lot of discipline for me and I am planning to unsubscribe to shopping newsletters and avoid the shops as much as possible.

Reassess & Evaluate The Next Capsule- Maybe I will find I don’t need 37 pieces. Maybe I will find that a steal is unnecessary. Maybe I will find that I like my capsule so much that I won’t need a new one. I promise to reevaluate this in three months.

Hopefully This Will Inspire You- Like I said, if you are rocking the minimalist life, this challenge may seem silly. If you aren’t or if you are and want to find new ways to use your pieces, I am hoping to share those ideas with you. I have no time to do a daily document, but I am happy to share once in awhile some fun ways I am wearing my 37 pieces. Please see my disclaimer above because I do not claim to be a fashion blogger. Take the ideas at your own risk!

Fall 2014 Fashion Capsule Wardrobe Project

Let’s take a peek at the wardrobe! Here are the items that I have for my Fall 2014 Fashion Capsule. The ones that have not been pictured are currently in alterations and have an asterisk next to them!

1.  a’reve lace shirt (owned- Flourish Boutique)

2.  Polka Dotted Peplum Top (owned- Francesca’s)

3. H&M Black & White Striped Top (owned- Goodwill)

4. Gap Black Blazer (owned- Gap)

5. Fleetwood Mac T-Shirt (owned- Luxe Wagon)

6.  Old Navy Vintage V-Neck T-Shirt in Black (Old Navy)

7. Old Navy Vintage V-Neck T-Shirt in White (Old Navy)

8. Faux Leather Jacket (purchased- Marshall’s)

9. Mossimo Short Sleeve Coral Shirt (purchased- Target)

10. Seamless Perfection Long Sleeve Tunic Dress in Black (purchased- Flourish Boutique)

11.  Ann Taylor Loft Pink Print Collared Shirt (purchased second hand on Twice)

12.  Not Afraid of the Dark Denim Jacket (purchased- Flourish Boutique)

13.   Don’t Pull Me Down Mustard Sweater (purchased- Flourish Boutique)

14.  Free People White Cowl Neck Sweater (owned- Flourish Boutique)

15.  Forest Fairy Cardigan (owned- Flourish Boutique)

16.  Black Crochet Sweater (owned- Flourish Boutique)

Fall 2014 Fashion Capsule Wardrobe Project


17.  Long Sleeve Seamless Layering Piece in Gray  (owned- Flourish Boutique)

18.  Old Navy Vintage V-Neck T-Shirt in Gray (Old Navy)

19. Old Navy Plaid Flannel Shirt (owned- Old Navy)

20.  White House Black Market Blue Striped Collared Top (purchased second hand on Twice)

21.  J. Crew Teal Silk Blend Skirt (purchased second hand on Twice)

22. Pleated Bird Skirt (owned- Stitch Fix)

23.  Anthropologie Gray Print Dress (purchased second hand on Twice)

24.  Little Black Dress (owned- Flourish Boutique)

25. Old Navy Rock Star Skinny Jeans (owned- Old Navy)

26. Chambray Shirt (owned- Flourish Boutique)

27.  Black Pleated Maxi Skirt (owned- Flourish Boutique)

28.  Seven Skinny Jeans (owned- Flourish Boutique)

29.  Mossimo Black Track Pants (purchased- Target)

30.  Blue Colored Skinny Jeans (purchased- Flourish Boutique)

Fall 2014 Fashion Capsule Wardrobe Project

31.  The Essential Leggings in Black (owned- Flourish Boutique)

32. Old Navy Rock Star Skinny Jeans in Black (owned- Old Navy)

33. Converse White Collared Shirt (purchased- Target)

*34. The Must-Have Maxi in Burgundy (purchased- Flourish Boutique)

*35.  Down With Damask Tunic (similar & owned- Flourish Boutique)

*36. Gap Black Skirt (purchased second hand on Twice)

*37. Mustard Peplum Dress (purchased- Flourish Boutique)


Coupons That Might Help If You Are Making a Capsule Too

Current Coupons for Old Navy (I am a big fan of their jeans and basic t-shirts)

Current Coupons for Target (their wardrobe is on the smart minimalist side this season- yay!)

Current Coupons for Gap (blazers, chambray shirts, collared shirts, jeans- oh my!)

Get $10 for your first Twice purchase (this is my favorite online consignment resource)

Use web code WEB25 for 25% off your purchase at Flourish Boutique (this is our site sponsor and where I get the majority of my clothing). You can also catch a sale daily on the Flourish Boutique Facebook Page)

Stitch Fix can be a fun resource for shopping for smart basic wardrobe pieces if a stylist might benefit you!

Fall 2014 Fashion Capsule Wardrobe Project

Thank you to my hubby for photographing my entire wardrobe for this challenge. I am really excited to share this adventure with you! I won’t be daily documenting, but you can find me on Instagram sharing ideas and we will have some ideas for layering and utilizing these basic items in the upcoming months. I promise though to fully commit to this and I know this will be very good for me this year.


Creating the Perfect Fashion Capsule Wardrobe (That Really Works)

It’s the 3 Little Things (Three Outfits Posted EVERY WEEK in each entry- happy browsing!!)

Would you like to do a challenge with me? Feel free to leave a comment below and let me know if you want to join in on the fun or if you are doing a similar challenge of your own!

*this post may contain affiliate links- I only recommend what I love though.


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The New Flourish Boutique

Friday, April 4th, 2014

The New Flourish Boutique

We are so excited to share that our amazing site sponsor, Flourish Boutique, has relocated into a beautiful and more spacious home. Emily & I were invited to the Grand Opening event this Thursday evening and had the best time browsing all of the beautiful items that they have in their new place.

If you haven’t had the chance to check it out, you will be in for a treat.  Not only does the store carry an expanded line of clothing and jewelry, they have now added shoes, beautiful handbags, bath/beauty products, and fun gifts for everyone in your life (babies, kids, furry friends, and even bridal fun!)

The New Flourish Boutique

The New Flourish Boutique

The New Flourish Boutique

As you can see, they rolled out the red carpet for us to show you around. The new location is right next to the new Gigi’s Cupcakes on 310 West Cleveland Road in Granger.

I don’t know what you are waiting for… let’s head on in!

The New Flourish Boutique

The New Flourish Boutique

The New Flourish Boutique

The New Flourish Boutique

It was hard to take very many pictures to really show you everything because there were so many Flourish friends shopping that night. We had the best time browsing all of the items in the store. Of course, our eyes always go to the jewels whenever we are out and about.  Pictured here is just half of the store, if you can believe it, and an amazing little Clearance section is tucked in the back of the store.

The New Flourish Boutique

The New Flourish Boutique

The New Flourish Boutique

The New Flourish Boutique

The evening included a fashion show. If you know us, you know we love fashion. Everywhere we turned, we saw something we loved.  Flourish Boutique has a ton of new merchandise that you can order or find in their store. MomAdvice readers can get 25% off any of their regular priced merchandise using the code WEB25!

Pretty in Pleats Maxi (Flourish Boutique)

Pretty in Pleats Maxi (Flourish Boutique)

Pretty in Pleats Maxi (Flourish Boutique)

Pretty in Pleats Maxi (Flourish Boutique)

Mystree Jacket (Flourish Boutique)

Mystree Jacket (Flourish Boutique)

Scarf (Flourish Boutique)

Here are some of my FAVORITE finds that I scored last night. This Pretty In Pleats skirt in white & black are my new favorite summer item! I am barely over five feet, and a maxi like this is a DREAM COME TRUE for me. I love that the lining is also an appropriate length and adds to the breeziness of this skirt. Did I mention the belt is included? Swoon! Be sure to check out the What’s New link to see all the updates (as I am sure some of these I have pictured haven’t made it on the site yet!) You can always cash in on our coupon code- woohoo!

We feel so blessed to have this partnership with Flourish Boutique and are so thankful for their continued support and sponsorship over the years! It has been a dream come true that they sponsor and support my little business- thank you, Flourish!

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It’s The 3 Little Things

Friday, March 14th, 2014


I thought I would start a new feature here called, “It’s The Three Little Things,” that I could share (or you could share!) three things that you are loving this week. Not everything seems to fit in a category anymore so I thought it would be fun a few highlights of things that are making me happy here.

BB Creme Garnier BB Cream


I had never heard of BB Creme before, but the last conference I went to CVS Minute Clinic (another thing I absolutely love) had a booth set up and offered to mail me a package of their favorite drugstore items to try. In the bag were two BB Cremes, an invention that I had never heard of. And the rest, as they say, is history. I will never go back to foundation again.

Not to sound too informercially, but this creme has transformed my skin and complexion. It contains a moisturizer, a light sunblock, a foundation, and has brightening agents in it. It’s almost like an airbrush tool for your face.

If your hairdresser messages you AFTER you get home from getting your hair done to ask what you are using on your skin, you know it’s good. It also helps that this saves me a few steps in my morning routine. The best part is, it only costs around $12!

Seamless Perfection Top

Seamless Perfection Top


It’s still cold in Indiana, but I am dying to wear some of my Spring clothes (see my tank top post I created in our current Indiana blizzard). I picked up one of these seamless tops and I honestly wear it almost every single day. It’s not bulky under my Spring pieces and it feels like I am wearing a pajama shirt, but looks great with everything. Since I wear it almost daily, it is washed frequently and it looks just like the day I bought it.

I am planning to wear this one a lot with my maxi skirts and under my sleeveless spring dresses until the weather finally warms up around here! ($37.50, but you can use code WEB25 for 25% off your order to make it $30!)

 UGG Boots

UGG Inserts

UGG Boot Inserts


I have never owned a pair of UGG boots, but when I found a pair at Goodwill for a mere $4.50, I couldn’t resist bringing them home with me. They had seen better days though and I thought I would look up how to clean them and make them look fresh again. Not only do they sell great cleaning kits (which I used to clean all my boots this Winter), but they have plushy new inserts that you can slip inside your boots and make them feel like brand new again for only $15.

With that little investment, I feel like I got a new pair of fancy boots and I still only paid $20 for them! Such a happy steal this winter. And after getting these, I see what the fuss is all about. My feet are so warm now!

*this post may contain affiliate links- I only recommend what I love though.

What’s making you happy this week?


5 Ways to Wear a $3.94 Tank Top

Wednesday, March 12th, 2014

5 Ways to Wear a $3.94 Tank Top

Although the snow continues to fall here, I am starting to get the urge to spruce up my wardrobe for Spring. Today I wanted to showcase 5 fun ways to wear a $3.94 tank top with items you probably already have in your closet.

I am partnering with Walmart on today’s project to help spread the word about their $3.94 Faded Glory Ribbed Cotton Tanks that you can find in a variety of colors and prints at their store. Truth be told, I buy a huge stack of these every single year and each year, I think they improve a little bit more!

The one thing that I love about this year’s tank is that it actually covers your bra straps so you don’t have to wear a strapless bra with this one or have to layer anything underneath. It’s an improvement from year’s past where two tanks were necessary for coverage. I think you will be pleased with the cut, length, and fabric weight on these too.

Here are 5 fun ways to wear this year’s tanks!

5 Ways to Wear a $3.94 Tank Top

5 Ways to Wear a $3.94 Tank Top

Novelty prints are still really hot this year so I wanted to pick up a couple of printed tanks to wear with my wardrobe basics. This heart print looks so cute with a boyfriend blazer, jeans, ballet flats, and a pretty necklace.

This would also be cute with a blazer, chambray shirt, or a favorite cardigan for layering until those warmer temperatures come along.

5 Ways to Wear a $3.94 Tank Top

Here is an example of that same novelty print, but dressed up! I grabbed my skinny red patent belt to cinch the waist and then paired it with a cotton skirt and my favorite red wedges. I love looks like this because you look very polished, but it is essentially as comfortable as wearing your pajamas!

5 Ways to Wear a $3.94 Tank Top

In the summer month’s I LIVE in maxi skirts and tank tops.There really is nothing more comfortable.

Here is another $3.94 tank top in a sunshine yellow that I have paired with my favorite maxi skirt and bubble necklace from our awesome site sponsor. When I have a shirt that doesn’t have any pattern to it, I really rely on fun accessories to add details to my neckline. One necklace can change the entire look of a basic tank.

5 Ways to Wear a $3.94 Tank Top

Truth be told, most of my tank tops get devoted towards my workouts at the gym! This tank can be paired with your favorite yoga pants and layered or worn alone with a sports bra for your workouts. Workout gear can be really expensive so I rely on this budget-friendly wardrobe staple for my yoga classes. Sweating ain’t no thang when you only pay $3.94 for a top!

5 Ways to Wear a $3.94 Tank Top

In the summer months, I am usually in my favorite capris and tanks while running around after my kids at the local park. Even this look paired with a chunky necklace, a contrasting patterned bangle, and a pair of wedges can look pulled together for a day running around with the kids.

I hope these ideas inspire you to make these tanks a summer staple in your wardrobe too!


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Gorgeously Green: Green Your Personal Care

Sunday, June 1st, 2008

We are ready to tackle the second chapter in the Gorgeously Green book for discussion. In the first chapter, we discussed setting an intention towards doing the right thing and today we will discuss greening our personal care items.

I honestly wish that this was not the second chapter in the book and I hope that I won’t scare anyone off from this discussion. I think it would have been great to work our way up to personal care, but I know that this is an important topic that needs addressing.

Are all of my personal care items green? No. I am very interested in heading more towards this direction though so I want to share with you some of the tips from the book and from other bloggers on how to begin greening your personal care routine.

There are seven deadly sins and seven ingredients that consumers should be on high alert for, according to the Environmental Working Group. Here are the ingredients that you do not want in your personal care products.

1. Coal tar- used in dandruff shampoos and anti-itch creams
2. Fragrance- This word is used to mask hundreds of ingredients, including phthalates
3. Hydroquinone- Fund in skin lighteners and facial moisturizers
4. Aluminum- Often used in eye shadow as a color additive and used in deodorants
5. Triclosan- Used in antibacterial products including soap, toothpaste, and cosmetics
6. P-Phenylenediamine- Found in hair dye
7. Lead & Mercury- Lead can appear in toothpaste. Mercury is found in a cosmetic perservative called thimerosol.

To check the products that you already have, you can check the Cosmetic Safety Database and perform a search by product, ingredient, or even company.

The author suggests chucking out any products with those seven ingredients listed and just using up the rest of the stuff you have and making wiser choices the next time you buy products. You can download a handy cheat sheet to help you on your next trip to the drugstore. Print this out and keep it in your purse!

What are some alternatives and green choices you can make towards your beauty regime? The author lists some online resources for buying green cosmetics, but I prefer to take a more frugal approach towards this category.

1. DIY Beauty- I love to make my own beauty products because it saves me money and also happens to be more environmentally friendly. I have listed the recipes that I use here and would highly recommend trying some of these. Want to give an environmentally-friendly and fun gift? DIY Beauty can be shared with others too. I am planning to put together some sugar scrubs to give as gifts for birthdays this year.
2. Replace Facial Cleansers With Oil-I have been thinking of replacing my facial cleaners with the oil cleansing method. I have been reading other bloggers who are trying the same thing and it makes sense to me. I have extremely dry skin, fragrances and chemicals easily irritate me, and I would love to take a more natural approach towards caring for my skin.
3. Go Shampoo Free- This is something else I find quite fascinating and have read a lot about. I actually have wavy hair and read “Curly Girl,” (which I would HIGHLY recommend to anyone with curly hair) and it had suggested only shampooing once a week. This blog entry will explain how to transition towards going shampoo-free, a very interesting idea indeed! That would certainly help save you some money and I have heard that it really helps with the greasy hair syndrome.
4. Epsom Salts- These are AMAZING and can be found at all of the dollar stores. I use Epsom Salts for everything and I also mix up my bath salts to give as gifts. You can mix these with a few drops of lavender essential oil and it makes the most soothing bath ever. I also use these to soak my feet in. What you might not know about these is that they stimulate serotonin which helps to elevate your moods. and that a soak in these can also lower your blood pressure, alleviate headaches, and flush toxins from your body. All that for a dollar a box- you can’t beat it!
5. Feminine Products- I switched to the Diva Cup (bought new in the box off of eBay) and it is fabulous and has replaced this category altogether. I would highly recommend this product or their Luna Pads to replace your feminine products.
6. Deodorant- I can’t picture getting rid of this. Sorry! The author recommends Dr. Hauschka’s Roll On as a great substitution ($19.95). She mentioned that she had tried the crystal and it did not work for her.
7. Shorter Showers- Well, if you aren’t shampooing your hair or washing your face, you might as well take a shorter shower. Crunchy Domestic Goddess is posing a five minute shower challenge to help conserve water. Check it out!
8. Green Your Baby- Make sure to check this Parent’s Buying Guide for information caring for your little ones and how to chose safe products for them. You can also check out our article on cloth diapering your little one to help green your routine a little more!

Sound Off: What are some green choice you have made towards your personal care items? Any products or recipes you could recommend?

Secondhand Glam

Wednesday, May 21st, 2008

Gorgeously Green: Becoming Aware

Wednesday, May 21st, 2008

I am so excited to begin diving into a new book this week and to discuss how we begin our journey towards being more green. Our book this month is, “Gorgeously Green,” by Sophie Uliano.

I am a newbie to green living, but have been trying to do more things that will have a more positive impact on our earth. It has also been important to me to share this with my children as well. We are always talking about why we do the things we do and how we are trying to do our part to make the world a little better. Right now, I think Ethan thinks everyone is like this, but someday I hope he realizes how different we really are and how much we cared about the planet we are living on.

In the book, the first step towards leading a green lifestyle is simply becoming aware of what you are doing and how it is impacting the world around you. It sounds simple enough, but thinking back to my youth, I can recall many stupid things I did that have impacted our earth in a negative way. I became more aware of what I was doing after I had children and also when looking for ways to save our family money.

In the first chapter, the author suggests setting an intention towards becoming green. Set your intentions in the present tense and make a commitment to yourself. Some recommended statements are:

“I am ready and willing to make the changes necessary to live a sustainable lifestyle.”

“I give and receive only the best.”

“I am living in a way that reflects my deepest values. I’m walking the walk.”

“I’m moving mindfully through my day and making choices that are having a positive impact on the environment.”

“I’m enjoying living with a deep sense of purpose.”

Part of my going green experience has just been trying to get my head out of the sand. All my life, I have kind of lived in my own little bubble of happiness and am blissfully unaware of the bad things that happen in the world. I rarely watch the news, I flip to the fun sections in the paper, I am not passionate about politics…shame on me, right?

When I had our children though, suddenly everything seemed heightened for me. “Why is the world like this? What can I do to make the world better? How can I do my part?” While I might be unaware of many things, I am slowly coming out of la-la land and exploring the world around me.

I can identify with the statement, “I’m enjoying living with a deep sense of purpose.” My purpose right now is to be a good mother, a good steward of my money, and to share and do what I can to help other people do the same things. What I could add to that is to make more green choices in my life and pull my head up out of the sand and do things that will have a positive impact on the earth. For me. For my children. For their children.

Sound Off: What are you more aware of now that you have become a mom? What do you find is your purpose at this moment in time?

PS- Once again, I am having problems posting pictures on Blogger. Grrrr….

Next Book for Discussion… Gorgeously Green

Friday, May 16th, 2008

There was some interest in exploring another book together and there has also been some interest in discussing more green ideas on the site. I thought I would pair the two and we could work our way through the book, “Gorgeously Green,” by Sophie Uliano.

I received this book from Harper Collins and I really liked the ideas and the message that you could begin starting your green journey with just one simple change. I think many people are scared of the total overhaul process, but we could all make a few simple changes to better our earth for ourselves and for our children.

We can start our discussion next week, but maybe you might like to put a hold on this book at your local library? In the meantime, the author has set up a website and a Gorgeously Green Girls Club that you can join to help teach you simple steps towards an earth-friendly life.

I want this to be a fun and friendly discussion. I know that not everyone is going to be on the same page with a lot of this stuff, but I want this to be a supportive place where you can share freely without judgment! Remember, many of us are still learning and exploring our green sides.

I am looking forward to a great discussion!

Sound Off: What earth-friendly ideas are you really interested in exploring? What changes have you already made in your own life?